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Who is trying to destabilise the Philippines by apparently arming the Islamist rebels?

1. Reportedly, Bruce Jones who is British, captained a ship called the Captain Ufuk.

Reportedly, this ship was smuggling weapons into the Philippines.

The weapons are of a type made in Israel.

In August 2009, it was announced that, in the Philippines, the Bureau of Immigration has alerted ports to look out for Jones.

Bruce Jones mysteriously abandoned his ship.

Manhunt on for ex-captain of ship with smuggled guns.

2. On 21 August 2009, it was reported that authorities in the Philippines had seized the 'Captain Ufuk', which was carrying weapons of a type manufactured in Israel.

Reportedly the weapons were destined for rebel Islamist groups.

The Coast Guard intercepted the ship when it entered a port without prior warning.

According to documents on the ship, the 'Captain Ufuk' departed from Turkey and stopped in Indonesia before continuing to the Philippines.

The crew of Georgian nationals were arrested.


3. "The British captain of the vessel, Bruce Jones", had told the authorities that the weapons, worth $2.04 million, were from Pindad, Indonesia's state-owned military equipment manufacturer.

Ministry Investigating Pindad Management After Weapons Seizure

4. Dr George J. Aditjondro is the leading expert on Indonesian politics.

Aditjondro wrote, in October 2002, that Indonesia's military and business elites have very close ties to Israel and Mossad.

A number of hi-tech Israeli companies have had business deals with a number of well-known Indonesian companies.

The Indonesian army special force Kopassus has been equipped with Israeli weapons.


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5. In July 2006, Indonesia's Tempo Magazine informed its readers of the discovery of weapons and ammunition at the home of Indonesia's General Koesmayadi, who had died rather suddenly.

The weapons were enough to arm two companies of soldiers.

Brig. Gen. Koesmayadi. / PLOTS IN JAKARTA

6. Fernandino Tuason, the Customs Intelligence chief, said he had information that some politicians had 'ordered' the shipment of the Israeli-type Galil assault rifles from an international gun-running syndicate as part of their preparations for next year’s elections.

Tuason told the Philippine Daily Inquirer "The election season is fast coming. It’s highly probable that this [shipment] is election-related...

"We do not discount the possibility that the guns could be used in a destabilization plot against the government and for terrorist activities.

"Although Galils are usually made in Israel, the ones seized from the Panamanian ship were all made in Indonesia."

Ship, 54 high-powered guns seized in Bataan

7. On 25 August 2009, it was revealed that the Philippine authorities had seized a yacht, called Mou Man tai, allegedly used to smuggle weapons into the country.

Reportedly, Mou Man Tai is connected with the Capt Ufuk.

The Philippine Coast Guard grabbed the Mou Man Tai's captain, Derek Colin Gordon Neville.

Neville has admitted that his yacht was used by Capt Ufuk skipper Bruce Jones to escape.

Yacht used in gun smuggling seized ABS-CBN News Online Beta

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8. Customs and coast guard officers searched the Philippine-owned Captain Ufuk and found 'crates of illegal 'Israeli-made' weapons on board.

Five crates contained 50 'Israeli-made' Galil assault rifles.

Ten empty crates were also found.

Intelligence reports indicated the contents were unloaded at sea onto a yacht.

"These guns are the primary weapon of the Israeli army," Armand Balilo, a coast guard spokesman, said.

A map on the vessel showed it was headed towards a province south of the capital.

Leonilo de la Cruz, the regional police director, said the mostly Georgian crew did not speak English, and failed to provide any documentation to prove the cargo was legitimate.

A map found on board showed the Panama-registered vessel had sailed from a port in Turkey bound for the Batangas province in the south, officials said.

The Philippines has been struggling against communists and Muslim separatists for decades in conflicts that have killed about 160,000 people. PHILIPPINES: SHIP WITH ISRAELI WEAPONS STOPPED

9. "The authorities believe the Israeli weapons were intended for the Islamist insurgents" in the Philippines."

Georgian citizens supply weapons for Islamists

10. Coast Guard chief Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo said they were alerted by Customs personnel about the presence of the 2,400-ton cargo ship, which was anchored some 500 meters off the Port of Mariveles.

Tuason said documents recovered from the vessel showed it left a port in Turkey and had briefly stopped in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Associated Press said that while the ship had a Panamanian registry it appeared to be owned by La Plata Trading Inc., a local company.

In a press briefing at the Port of Mariveles, Morales said the rifles appeared to have been the 'pirated versions' of those originally manufactured in Israel.

The Associated Press reported unidentified officials as saying they suspected the intended recipients of the guns could be either Muslim radicals, communist rebels or private armies of politicians taking part in next year’s elections.

Ship, 54 high-powered guns seized in Bataan

Philippines by lionel bodilis

The US military needs an excuse to be in the Philippines.

In early July 2009, just days before a visit to Manila by CIA director Leon Panetta, there were bombings on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao.

12 people died.

There were earlier explosions in Manilla.

Since December 2000, 671 Filipinos have been killed in bombings.

Bombshell conspiracies in the Philippines


A. Were government people responsible for the explosions?

Reportedly there are fears of 'martial law or a state of emergency.'

Bombshell conspiracies in the Philippines

Former House speaker Jose de Venecia has claimed publicly that the bombs are part of a plot to justify the declaration of martial law.

A former Arroyo ally de Venecia claimed such a plot has actually been discussed by administration insiders.

De Venecia likened the bombings to a plot by Ferdinand Marcos in 1972.

Marcos reportedly arranged false flag bombings in Manila and a false flag assassination attempt against his defense minister.

Martial law allowed Marcos to avoid legal term limits.

B. Under secretary of Justice Ricardo Blancaflor has said that recent bombings could be the work of Arroyo's enemies.

Blancaflor favours more US military assistance.

US soldiers have provided training and logistical support to the Philippines military.

The military has blamed the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

A peace-for-autonomy deal unraveled last August.

General Sabban claimed that Jemaah Islamiyah had recently trained both MILF and the al-Qaeda-linked (or CIA-linked) Abu Sayyaf terror group.

MILF spokesperson Eid Kabalu denied involvement.

He said that his group had nothing to gain from killing civilians and terrorizing their own communities.

Bombshell conspiracies in the Philippines

Philippines by lionel bodilis

C. Michael Meiring, a suspected CIA operative, spent time in the Philippines.

Michael Meiring

In 2002, Meiring injured himself in an explosion in his own hotel room.

A Philippine government investigation determined the centre of the blast came from an assembled bomb kept in a metal box owned by Meiring.

BusinessWorld, a leading Philippine newspaper, published articles accusing Meiring of being a CIA agent involved in covert operations ‘to justify the (recent) stationing of American troops and bases in Mindanao.’



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