Friday, August 21, 2009

Naive radicals may be tricked by spooky journalists into thinking that secular Fatah is all bad and Islamist Hamas is all good.

Boy doing the work of Mossad by wrecking the image of Palestinians.

Naive radicals may be tricked by spooky journalists into thinking:

1. Secular Fatah are the bad guys.

2. Islamist Hamas are the good guys.

The spooky journalists want the Palestinians to be weak and divided.

The spooky journalists want to aid the Islamists who keep the Palestinians weak.

(David Rose - disinformation agent?)

Of course, Fatah is not all good.

And Hamas is not all bad.

But Fatah, so far, has been the Palestininians best hope for creating a viable state.

Hamas has worked in the interests of Israel.

Although a lot of clever propaganda has disguised this fact.

Agents of Mossad?

On 18 August 2009, at there was an excellent article by Nehemia Shtrasler about how Israel wrecked Arafat, crowned Hamas, and gave birth to Al-Qaida in Gaza

The article argues:

1. During the period of Israeli rule of Palestinian land, Israel has been destroying the moderate leadership, leading to the rise of more extreme leaders.

Israel destroyed the Palestinian Authority and Yasser Arafat.

2. Arafat had agreed to a two-state solution and was capable of "delivering the goods."

But Israel cultivated Hamas.

And Israel brought about the seizure of the Gaza Strip by Hamas.

A boy brainwashed by Mossad-Hamas

3. Now Israel is cultivating the so-called Al-Qaida in Palestine.

4. Nehemia Shtrasler writes:

"Maybe all this was planned in advance, because when Al-Qaida people from Pakistan and Afghanistan take over Gaza, we will be able to say with full confidence that there is no one to talk to.

"Then we can live by the sword until the end of days, because, in the words attributed to early Zionist leader Yosef Trumpeldor, 'it's good to die for our country.'"


Bloggers who support Hamas are doing the work of Mossad.


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nobody said...

Mind you, Hamas is tight with Hezbollah and Hezbollah strikes me as the real deal. Hassan Nasrallah, same same. It strikes me that between Hamas and Fatah, the former is less quisling-like, if you know what I mean. Mind you, did Hamas offer any resistance in the latest Gaza slaughter? How come they only managed to kill a dozen Israelis? Did they learn nothing from Hezbollah?

Anyway confused now...

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