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. / The Silent Majority have spoken.

1. These polls show that the majority support the Megrahi release! - The Silent Majority have spoken.

At The Scotsman newspaper, "readers' letters swung decisively through the week in favour of MacAskill’s decision to release, while our online poll went from a very narrow majority opposing his decision to 57 per cent in favour by yesterday afternoon." - The Lockerbie Case

2. On 29 August 2009, The Herald has a news story entitled: The truth never dies: Megrahi demands Lockerbie inquiry

The Herald quotes Megrahi:

"I was supposed to receive a fair trial and I was supposed to be subject to fair procedure.

"From day one of the trial there were delays and delays from the Crown Office.

"The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission found at least six grounds of appeal and said there were six grounds on which it may have been a ­miscarriage of justice.

"From that point we asked the Crown for more documents and more papers.

"We received only some of them and they were still redacted.

"Most of the pages were black and I think this is shameful. They were supposed to give us everything.”

It has been revealed that some of the police notebooks recording the aftermath of the Lockerbie tragedy have been destroyed.

The Herald quotes Megrahi:

"It is very strange that the police forces that dealt with the case – and there were more than 400 officers – it is very strange that many of their notebooks went missing.

"When one officer was asked about a notebook, he said it was destroyed.

"I find this very strange. Surely to destroy the notebooks of so many people is a decision that someone must have been made?

"This is not fair and is a big question mark about the case."

3. Sections of the media appear to be hiding the truth about Lockerbie. There are Smokescreens

4. Not all Americans are deceived about Lockerbie: From The New Yorker

5. The leader of the UK's unpopular Liberal Democrats, the unpopular Nick Clegg, supports the unpopular USA over Lockerbie.

Why as Liberal Democrats we oppose our party's stance on freed Libyan

Spot the MI6 candidate or candidates?


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jreed724 said...

Well, what do they want from us...sympathy? He caused so many people to die...well, we'll give him our "sorries" but not for what he did.

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