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Madeleine McCann and the Shrimpton Report

Both Aangirfan and the excellent whistler.blogspot/ have taken an interest in the Madeleine McCann case.

Some time ago we noticed a strange document, called the Shrimpton Report, appearing on certain internet sites.

The so called Shrimpton Report is supposed to have been written by someone with connections to the world of intelligence.

The report suggests that a powerful European political figure wanted Madeleine kidnapped; and the German secret service was part of the plot.

Here is an excerpt from the so-called Michael Shrimpton Report (The First Boat Out of Port on the Morning of the 4th May 2007):


16. In the afternoon of 3rd May the motor yacht Panic II, Dutch registry, owned by A (whose full details again have been communicated to AIVD in The Hague), pennant number P2006/39060, home port Hellevoetsluis Netherlands, built 1983, single-masted, single aluminium hull, length 10.2 metres, beam 3.3 metres, approximate standard displacement 3.5 tons, fitted it is believed with a 2-stroke diesel engine, positioned from Portimao, where she had arrived on the 1st, to Lagos. She waited there until about 1945Z, just before the marina was shut at 2000Z by lowering a lifting bridge, then moved out beyond the lifting bridge, where she was moored to a pontoon on the port side of the small canal leading to the open sea, where she waited.

Sergey Malinka left his home in Praia da Luz some time between the Panic II’s arrival and Madeleine’s kidnap. It is believed he was in communication with A and his wife on board the Panic II. There is name recognition of A from intelligence sources. Drs Gerry and Kate McCann seem to have been under continuous surveillance by a male, name unknown, possibly of Spanish or Moroccan nationality......

According to this so called Michael Shrimpton Report:

"The DVD (German secret service) are the world’s most ruthless, as well as most secretive, intelligence organisation - they conceived, eg, the operational plans for the Brighton Bombing (ingenious but flawed), the destruction of PanAm Flight 103 (conceived in haste and it showed) and 9-11."

This appears to be disinformation produced by someone with a high degree of knowledge of the subject matter.

The disinformation agent appears to favour the Anglo-Americans rather than the Germans.

Parts of the Shrimpton document may be accurate, but certainly not all of it.

Reportedly, a certain Michael Shrimpton is supposed to have stated that "A purported Intelligence Assessment on the Kidnap of Madeleine McCann, attributed to me, was placed on the Daily Mirror website without my knowledge or consent...

"The version which has appeared on the Internet is not I say again not in the form in which it was submitted, indeed it has been altered significantly."

(Source of quotes: Madeleine and the Masons [Archive] - David Icke's Official Forums)

There, reportedly, is strong evidence that PanAm 103 and 9 11 were the work of American spooks.

We conclude that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann may well have something to do with powerful people in Europe, but the so called Shrimpton Report contains material intended to mislead.



Chris said...

Well since the CIA's predecessor, the OSS, was set up the DVD then maybe the Germans are using their American assets to do the dirty work.

Tony Bennett said...

I am afraid Michael Shrimpton's comments on Madeleine McCann are no more than the product of his own imagination. Undoubtedly a talented and learned barrister, he is a Walter Mitty character when it comes to his claims about the intelligence world. He was quoted in a TV documentary as saying that Dr David Kelly was killed in the woods by the Iraqi Secret Service. If you think that that is within the bounds of possibility, what about Shrimpton's claims that Sir Edward Heath was run by the German intelligence agency DVD for fifty years and even more off the wall, his claim that the Irish potato famine was the work of Prussian biological warfare. I kid you not and can source all his claims. For a more down-to-earth, practical look at the Madeleine case, may I be so bold as to suggest my own book: "What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted", price £4 inc. postage from: www.madeleinefoundation.org

Tony Bennett

Anon said...


Anon said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan,
I would like to ask Mr Bennett a question re. his claim on the 3 Arguidos forum thread called
-Speculation re the 30th April Theory-
he says:
.."fantastical claims of Michael Shrimpton...He has posted elsewhere that Madeleine was spirited away to Belgium in a Secret service boat"...

--Where did you get the information that the boat was a secret service boat?
Thank you for answering my question Mr Bennett. Emma

Anonymous said...

Mr Bennett

You critical comments are noted but it has also been noted that in the past you have worked closely with Michael Shrimpton. What caused you to change your stance from considering him to be a worthy working partner to one where you doubt his credibility? Furthermore, it is appreciated that your past associations with individuals and organisations often end in animosity. Perhaps this tendency should lead you to question your own ability to work in harmony with people.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to his comments posted on the Whislter:


His comment has now been removed from the 3A forum.

Tony Bennett said...

Michael Shrimpton has contacted me and asked me to retract my references to him as 'a fantasist' and as 'a Walter Mitty character'. I retract and withdraw those comments and apologise for making them. That is not to say that I do not profoundly disagree with his claims about what really happened to Madeleine McCann

Anonymous said...

It's quite amazing just how many UKIP old chums like Shrimpton and Bennett (both former Labour Party members, oddly enough) reunited for the McCann and Hollie Greig stories. Bennett, Shrimpton and former Hollie Greig activist, Greg Lance-Watkins all worked on Bennett's action group in opposition to the EU Weights and Measures bill.

Bennett's old UKIP adversaries, Knapman and Piers Merchant also featured in the Madeleine cyberwar when Bennett had one of his sidekicks send an email from Merchant and Knapman to the press. Their scathing attack on the Portugal caused quite a diplomatic row (I suppose you have to consdier whether they all did it as part of a PR stunt).

I think what we have been seeing at 3As and the old Mirror Forum is an attempt by one faction of the British far-right movement to undermine - and sometimes even promote - the other.

The 'Common Purpose' theory is another UKIP favourite.

Bennett is a dark horse, alright. Just how many sensitive news stories has he hijacked and brought into disrepute? He was banned by the UKIP for bringing bad publicity on the party - just like he was dismissed from the Lubbock action group in the end.

Shrimpton claims that his report was a ' for your eyes only' report delivered specifically to the British Prime Minister in early July 2007.

If that's true: then why do we see Shrimpton contacting Leic Police Authority and SOCA as early as 14th May 2007? His emails aetc are all in the files. He even tries to contact officials in Holland. Hardly 'Top Secret'.

more here:


Anon said...


So many links to the extreme right wing!

These are interesting developments!

- Aangirfan

Anon said...


So many links to the extreme right wing!

These are interesting developments!

- Aangirfan

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