Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lockerbie, Lord Browne, MI6, BP, Hookers

Lord Browne.

1. According to the Mail on Sunday, 30 Agust 2009, an MI6 agent flew to Libya with former BP boss Lord Browne for secret meetings with Colonel Gaddafi.

MI6 agent joined disgraced BP boss in secret meetings with Gaddafi

2. Lord Browne's ex lover is Jeff Chevalier.

Chevalier told The Mail on Sunday that Browne was ‘shocked’ when the agent made a reference to his relationship with Mr Chevalier.

3. Chevalier said Lord Browne referred to Mark Allen, the MI6 counter-terrorism chief at the centre of the secret talks between Libya and Britain. (MI6 agent joined disgraced BP boss in secret meetings with Gaddafi)

4. Sir Mark Allen is now a senior executive with BP.

5. Reportedly BP uses strange methods to win contracts.

"BP worked with MI6 to help bring about changes in foreign governments...

"BP was working closely with MI6 at the highest levels to help it to win business...

"Turkish secret service documents claimed BP had discussed an 'arms for oil' deal with the assistance of MI6..."

Reportedly, BP executives working for Lord Browne "spent millions of pounds on champagne-fuelled sex parties to help secure lucrative international oil contracts."

Hookers, spies, cases full of BP spent £45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights

BP chief and ex-boyfriend: full text of judgment - Dramatis Personae

6. Lord Browne is close to both Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson.

Lord Browne and his lover Jeff Chevalier once entertained Peter Mandelson, then European Trade Commissioner, and his Brazilian partner, Reinaldo Avila da Silva. (Damning judgement that finished Lord Browne's career.)

Both Browne and Mandelson are believed to be Jewish.

Mandelson met Gaddafi's son before Megrahi's release.

7. Dr Hans Koechler recently said: "the United Nations General Assembly may consider establishing an international commission of inquiry into the Lockerbie incident." - The Lockerbie Case: Megrahi's lawyer to release dossier.

Megrahi insists victims deserve UN inquiry.

8. Leaked ministerial letters reveal that it was in the best interests of the UK to release Megrahi - Lockerbie bomber 'set free for oil'

9. The Scottish National Party has been infiltrated?

The SNP candidate for the Glasgow North East constituency is David Kerr, a member of Opus Dei, which has been linked to the CIA and fascism.

Kerr at first oposed the release of Megrahi.

SNP hopeful attacked for membership of Opus Dei - Catholic Herald.

SNP candidate accused of Megrahi 'flip-flop'



Anonymous said...

Osama Saeed, another Glasgow SNP candidate is worth keeping an eye on aswell. Having to pay back £128K of taxpayers money which was destined for an Islamfest. The SNP noticed that the festival didn't actually take place. Oops. It's ok though as he kept a few hundred thousand for other things. What are his links to the muslim brotherhood ? His support for the caliphate ?

mo said...

Perhaps you will post this?

Gilad Atzmon - Jewish angst needs enemies

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