Friday, August 14, 2009


Remember East Timor? (Photo by United Nations Photo)

A certain group is trying to mislead the public about 'terrorism' in Indonesia.

The indonesian police and military want tougher laws against terrorism

The Pentagon most likely agrees with this as it would like to get deeper into bed with the Indonesian generals.

Enter Noordin Top.

Reportedly, an email "sent by Noordin Top", and published on on 13 August 2009, is a fake.

On 13 August 2009, the Jakarta Globe reported that an IT expert says the E-mail Was Not Written By Noordin M Top: IT Expert

The information technology expert said that the method of communication was too simple and too easy to trace for a man on the run from authorities.

Ruby Alamsyah told Metro TV that the email was sent by hacking the password and username of the site owner, Bagus Febrianto.

Ruby said the choice of words was too 'naive' for a terrorist.

According to Ruby, "the email is not from terrorist because the method [hacking] is too simple. Terrorists would have used a more sophisticated method that would be very difficult to trace because they have the resources to do that."

In the email, the sender claimed to be Noordin M Top and said that he was in Temanggung, Central Java, during the recent police raid.

Remember East Timor? (photo by yeowatzup)

Complete translation of the e-mail:

Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb.

I am Noordin M Top, and I wish to verify that the one who died in Temanggung was Ibrohim, also known as Boim.

I was indeed at Temanggung during the time with my two guards and Ibrohim, but during the raid I managed to escape from the police.

I will never give up until America and its accomplices leave Iraq and other Islamic countries.

We have grounds for why we will keep on terrorizing foreigners:

1. As a revenge for what America and its accomplices have done to our Muslim and Mujahidin brothers all over the world.

2. To destroy their power in this country where they are thieves and robbers of Muslim’s valuables.

3. To get them out of Muslim countries, especially Indonesia.

4. The message is meant to heal the hearts of Muslims who are being tortured and abused all over the world. Lastly, the message will give new spirit to Muslims and revive the obligation of martyrdom which is the only way to revive the passing Rosyidah Leadership, if God is willing.

Amir Tandzim Al Qo’idah Indonesia

Abu Mu’awwidz Nur Din bin Muhammad Top

The objectives of the e-mail may be:

1. To get people to think that the hotel bombings could not be the work of people linked to the military and certain security services.

2. To increase the power of the military and police in Indonesia, and in the USA.

3. To promote the idea of the need for a 'War on Terror' and the stationing of US troops in various countries around the world.


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Unknown said...

Boss Irfan, If you would like to know about the real threat in Indonesia now, it is not just as simple as terrorists itself, but something cruel theocracy want to reach powers in Indonesia. Here is one example of this threat :


Although those articles is written in Bahasa Indonesia, but please read and pay attention about those, I thinnk this threat is more cruel and more real than all bomber terrorists itself.

Save democracy in Indonesia!

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