Friday, August 07, 2009

Enabling Machinery

Indonesia has had elections.

"A witness from North Sumatra showed a video of a child at a polling station who was about to cast a vote.

"The witness also said 20 children were reported to have voted at one polling station in Central Tapanuli district.

"A Central Tapanuli village chief, Beni Batubara, also said a person there had been tried in court and convicted for voting for Yudhoyono 51 times.

"Chairul Anwar, a witness for Megawati from Bengkulu, said that in Kepahyang district, 99 percent of voters had no citizen registration numbers, and the remainder all had the same number." - Indonesian Election Dispute: Witnesses Join Voters List Fray

Jakarta Bomb Suspect Noordin Top in Central Java Shootout: Report

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas

"According to the Austin American-Statesman, the source code for the site included more than 2,200 hidden phrases, including word combinations with Hutchison's name and Rick Perry, the name of the incumbent.

"The newspaper said it also included the phrase 'rick perry gay.'" - Google Bans and Buries Web Sites: 6 Search Engine Showdowns

"Keep a tight hold of by-elections in Scotland, using ‘enabling’ machinery to win every by-election, regardless of the result." - Operation 'Scorched Earth': Progress Report

Democratic Party Win Could Revitalize Japan

CHINA: "Shares are trading at 35 times earnings. Banks in the last six months have lent more than the entire gross domestic product for the period...

"It has been clear for a decade that Chinese public data overstate the country's growth rate, so that the apparent 16% growth in the second quarter of 2009 is largely fictional. Indeed, income tax receipts data suggest that growth in the first quarter may have even been negative.

"The most likely form of meltdown to occur is that of a banking system collapse" - Even China faces meltdown

US military base plan fuels Latin American tensions

Freedom of thought - a French tradition

Icelanders Say No to the EU!

U.S. private army boss accused of murder and weapons smuggling in 'crusade to wipe out Muslims'

Debunking a YouTube hit


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