Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Death of the 'patsy' who would whistle and flirt?

Ibrahim, the flirting florist.

The Jakarta hotel bombings 'mastermind' Noordin Top is apparently still alive, but one of the 'patsies', the florist called Ibrahim, has apparently been bumped off.

Jakarta Bomb Suspect Noordin Top Not Dead

The police have now 'confirmed' that hotel florist Ibrahim was the man killed in a police raid in Central Java, not Noordin M Top.

Was Ibrahim a patsy?

The Jakarta Globe, 12 August 2009, tells us that Fellow Florists Remember Terror Suspect Ibrahim As 'Sociable' and 'Friendly'

Ibrahim was a "regular man" who "liked to crack jokes," his former colleagues have told Metro TV.

Florist Adriana Rosi said that in her last conversation before the bomb attacks, "Ibrahim told me he needed money for his child’s school tuition so he had to sell his motorbike."

Rosi said that she and her other colleagues were shocked to hear that Ibrahim was allegedly involved with terrorism.

"He was sociable, friendly and he liked to crack jokes,” Rosi said.

“He was just a regular person, a regular man.

"When he saw a beautiful colleague, he would whistle and flirt.

"I still can’t believe it.

"He was a funny guy."

The police allege that Ibrahim was a Key Player in Jakarta's Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Bombings.


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nobody said...

But that's what makes it even MORE shocking. That he was so normal, so completely unlike a terrorist, makes the fact that he WAS a terrorist even worse.

Does it not ever strike you as odd that people say things like "I can't believe it" when they obviously do believe it? If they meant it, ie. that they couldn't believe it, they'd say, 'I don't believe it. The government is lying.'

It'd make for a nice change wouldn't it?

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