Monday, August 03, 2009

China and Israel in Nigeria.

Model from Nigeria: Ronke Shonibare

In 2006, we learnt that China had secured four oil drilling licences from Nigeria.

"In exchange China will invest $4bn (£2.25bn) in oil and infrastructure projects in Nigeria.

"China will buy a controlling stake in Nigeria's 110,000 barrel-a-day Kaduna oil refinery and build a railroad system and power stations."

(BBC NEWS Business China and Nigeria agree oil deal)

Nigeria has become an important source of oil and petroleum for China's rapidly growing economy and Nigeria is looking to China for help in achieving high economic growth; China has provided extensive economic, military and political support.[3][4]

Two countries that may not be entirely happy with Nigeria are the USA and Israel.

As early as the 1970s, Nigeria was supplying more than 50% of Israel’s crude oil in exchange for military hardware. (Cached)

Several top officers in the Nigerian army have had links to Israeli businessmen and security agents. (Cached)

In 2008, in Nigeria, members of the National Assembly expressed concerned about the alleged invitation of Mossad to train Nigeria's security services under a secret security pact.

( Nigeria: Lawmakers Divided Over Mossad - FG Link)

Nigeria by paulscott56

There has been a lot of violence in Nigeria.

(TIMELINE: Ethnic and religious unrest in Nigeria)

In the year 2000 - Thousands were killed in northern Nigeria as non-Moslems, opposed to sharia law, fought Moslems.

In 2001 - Up to a thousand were killed in Nigeria when there was violence between Christians and Moslems.

In 2002 - At least 215 people died in rioting in Nigeria, following a newspaper article about Prophet Mohammad and Miss World.

In 2004 - Around 1000 people were killed in fighting between Moslems and Christians.

In 2006 - Rioting killed over 100 people after there had been a protest about Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

In 2008 - Clashes between Muslim and Christian gangs killed at least 400 people in the central city of Jos.

In February 2009 - Clashes killed at least 11 people. Churches and mosques were burnt down.

In July 2009 - The Moslem group 'Boko Haram' staged attacks in a northeastern city.

The Red Cross and defense officials say that more than 700 people were killed during the five-day uprising.


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