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Houston is a major hub for child traffickers. (Houston's hidden crime)

A 2007 study from Shared Hope International found 400 child trafficking victims being exploited in Las Vegas in a single month.

At least 100,000 children are used in prostitution every year in the United States.

The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years old.

(America's Trafficked Children Are Being Arrested, Not Rescued)

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In August 2009, the head of an international child trafficking ring was jailed in the UK.

Girls aged 13 to 18 had been arriving at London airports with false passports.

The girls were earmarked for prostitution.

(Child Sex Ring Cut)

Child brothels, usually protected by the police, are found in Asia.

Child brothels can also be found in the USA and Europe.

According to the organisation called ECPAT, 1.2 million children are trafficked every year.

(1.2m children trafficked each year: report)

Around 80% of those kids are believed to end up in the $33 billion-a-year sex industry.

It is said to be the fastest growing industry in the world.

An estimated 325 children are thought to have been trafficked to the UK between March 2007 and February 2008.

(10m Britons are helping 'pay for child sex trade')

Laetitia Delhez and Sabine Dardenne were kidnapped in Belgium by the Dutroux gang. Eventually they were released from Dutroux's dungeon.

In the UK, children are forced to work in brothels throughout the country.

In the UK, a housing officer, Peace Sandberg, 41, recently paid £370 for a three month old baby. This was so she would qualify for a council flat in London.

(Gangsters smuggle babies to sell to benefit fraudsters)

A UK government Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre report in April 2009 found that trafficked children had come to the UK from 52 different countries.

Ecpat figures suggest that up to 60% of children rescued from traffickers later go missing from UK local authority care.

In early 2009, Gordon Brown promised to investigate claims that more than 80 Chinese children had gone missing from a children's home next to Heathrow airport since 2006.

(UK 'unaware of child trafficking')

There is a problem in California.

"In one of several related cases, hundreds of Mexican girls between 7 and 18 were kidnapped or subjected to false romantic entrapment by organized criminal sex trafficking gangs.

"Victims were then brought to San Diego County, California.

"Over a 10 year period these girls were raped by hundreds of men per day in more than 2 dozen home based and agricultural camp based brothels."

(U.S. - Mexico Border Region - San Diego Trafficking Crisis Index Page)

Cynthia McKinney pointed out that "DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children.

"While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox and anthrax vaccines..."

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In 2006, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones (Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won't Go Away) asked:

"Where were the investigations and convictions in other cases of establishment orchestrated child slavery and prostitution? Like the NATO officials responsible for the mushrooming of child prostitution in Kosovo?"

"What happened to UN officials identified as using a ship charted for 'peacekeepers' to bring young girls from Thailand to East Timor as prostitutes?"

"Across America, young ... girls are vanishing from homes, schools, and neighborhoods and reappearing in brothels, escort agencies, and strip clubs."

Who's Stealing Little Girls?

In the UK, "border officials took bribes from and traded favours with trafficking rings over a number or years.

"In some cases, money exchanged hands directly. In others, the officials and the traffickers formed 'mutually beneficial relationships,' which allowed them to earn over $1 million a year.

"A recent report from the UK states that many traffickers find it 'relatively easy' to move their victims through the UK."

Who's Watching the Watchmen?

Is Hershey's Secret Ingredient Child Slavery?


Sabretache said...

The fullest account of the Dutroux affair available, including list of names that almost beggar belief - and sourced from posted copies of original Gendarmerie documents, is Joël van der Reijden's ISGP Site. You'll need a strong stomach though, because it's all there. The site is currently under attack from a persistent Wikepedia editing operation seeling to remove all links to it.

It is also an absolute goldmine for in depth research on the dominant Anglo-American and European power elites.

No sensationalist gee-whizz traffic-seeking gimmicks either; just solid in-depth information you won't find ANYWHERE else. It deserves some promotion IMHO.

Edo said...

I agree with Sabretache. ISGP is an excellent resource.

This Pedophocracy needs as much exposure as possible.

Also doing good work in this area are Dave McGowan, and Church of Nobody... Worth a google for sure.

smartnews said...

Thank you for your information on child abuse. We have information on child abuse and ritual abuse at

Anonymous said...

Open Letter To
Mr Simon Wiesenthal -
Nazis Chasing Sixty Years
After The War
From R. D. Polacco de Ménasce

My Dear Sir,

I do think that no Jew will ever dare to tell you the truth.

I am probably the only Jew left who can tell it to you.

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Do you know one ethnicity who did such a thing in the course of the History of Mankind? You are the very symbol of Talmudic hysterical neverending hatred.

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Jewish Capitalism has collapsed the world into all forms of pollutions. Jewish Marxism has slaughtered 200,000,000 people.

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I suppose you would rather have a Jewish USA government enshrined in Jewish finance, pinching petrol in Iraq, spreading Jewish one-worldism, Jewish pornography, Jewish press, Jewish puppets in all governments, than the cleanness of the Nazi regime which made a miracle out of the Jewish rot of the Versailles treaty - the negotiators of which were the Warburg brothers, and that of the Weimar Republic.

You are 95 years of age: if you are not insane what will you tell the Lord when you soon appear if front of Him?

I do wonder.

Entirely disgusted,
R. D. Polacco de Ménasce

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