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It looks like it was the CIA that toppled Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, on 28 June 2009.

Diana Barahona, at Global Research, 18 August 2009, tells us that Zelaya was taken to a U.S. air base during the kidnapping

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has revealed that Honduran President Manuel Zelaya told him that the military who kidnapped him transferred him by plane to a U.S. military base, in Honduran territory.


According to Chavez: "They put Zelaya in the plane and landed at Palmerola with the president a prisoner and the Yankee officials appeared and knew that the president was there, they had a discussion with the Honduran officials.

"Then the Yankee military took the decision there to send him to Costa Rica.

"That is a very serious matter, the the president of Honduras was in a Yankee military base...

"The Yankees overthrew Zelaya...

"From the Yankee base, which is at a place called Palmerola, they carried out all of the operations and the dirty war and the terrorism against Sandinista Nicaragua, against El Salvador.

"It wasn’t long ago that the Yankees turned Honduras into a platform to attack its neighbors.”

"What we are asking is that he (Obama) withdraw the Palmerola base, that he withdraw the Guantanamo base where they torture..."

Chavez also said that Venezuela rejects Obama's policy of setting up U.S. military bases in Colombia.



Penny said...

I've done some posts on this and I would concur, the US was behind this overthrow, it shares similarities with the overthrow of Haiti's democratic leader Aristide, except they didn't get this guy as far away.

I am wagering Canada helped somehow with this also, as they did in Haiti.

I understand the new Columbian military base is very beneficial to the US as a base of operations in that area, making many of the South American leaders upset, for good reason of course.

Brigid O'Grady said...

I so agree with PENNY. AANGERFAN, you are a remarkable service to humanity!

Kathleen Moore said...

You people are all wrong, this is total nonsense. There is no "military" coup in Honduras. There were lawful constitutional events. Zelaya committed treason, perjury and usurpation of the powers of another branch of government.

Zelaya attempted to overthrow the existing Constitution by brute force and raising mobs. The judiciary had a duty to guard the existing Constitution and the separation of powers among the different branches of government.

Even Obama admitted on Friday 7 August 2009 that Zelaya was responsible for his own removal; but by Monday with the 3 Amigos, he was back to lying through his teeth that it was a "military" coup.

Moreover, I notified Alex Jones of this two weeks ago, and sent him my blog with the LEGAL PROCEEDINGS and the warrant for interim arrest posted at it, and my post on "The Judicial Duty to Control the Executive", which is basic constitutional law, not democracy with tiddly-winks.

There is an international Communist-led gang-rape of Honduras, by the UN, the OAS, and the Obama White House, who all NEED to destroy the Honduran Constitution to replace it with CAFTA and Central American Union, to link up UNASUR (South American Union, signed 23 May 2008) with the incoming North American Union, to achieve Western Hemispheric Union, for which the OAS is the precursor. We are on our way to a Communist world government, this is not a chess game, it's an END-GAME. And you, and Alex Jones, are all just inadvertently of course, supporting the END GAME of globalism that Jones pretends to oppose.

MOREOVER, I have answered Diana Diana Barahona at DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND. This is HER post:

This is MY REPLY POST clarifying the factual situation:

They may well be looking for an oppportunity to militarily ATTACK Honduras, as they attacked Yugoslavia on a "tsunami of lies" and destroyed THAT sovereign nation and its constitution, thus annexing same to the European Union, together with a major oil pipeline, and a seaway from Germany to the Adriatic. Do not support the MEDIA ASSAULT on Honduras! Wake up !!!!

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