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On 14 February 1998, Charles M. Byers, President of Accuracy Systems Ordinance Corp., wrote to the Chairman of the US House Intelligence Oversight Committee.

Byers explains that an Accuracy Systems product was apparently used to destroy Arrow Air Charter DC 8 flight MF 1285R, immediately after it took off from Gander in Canada in December 1985.

Byers writes that his firm 'designed and manufactured the responsible device exclusively for, and sold it only to, the Central Intelligence Agency'.

Byers' sources have told him that a US special operations unit, possibly under the direction of Lt. Col. Oliver North, had been supposed to detonate a small nuclear backpack bomb in Iraq and make it look like an Iraqi nuclear accident.

This special operations unit had discovered that they would not have the chance to outrun the blast and would be killed. They decided to return to the USA rather than carry out their mission.

Byers claims that the special operations unit, with their nuclear backpack bomb, boarded the Arrow Air Charter DC 8 flight MF 1285R at the last minute in Cairo.

According to Byers, orders were given by U S Government personnel that this plane be destroyed before it reached the United States of America. According to Byers, a bomb was planted during a stop at Gander and remotely detonated shortly after the landing gear retracted upon takeoff.

Byers writes that, 'within hours of the crash, U S Army General John Crosby arrived with a Broken Arrow Nuclear Disaster Team, and, without conducting any normal investigation, ordered the area bulldozed over with 6 feet of soil.'

The crash of Arrow Air Charter DC 8 flight MF 1285R was the worst military aviation disaster in history, killing all 248 passengers, members of the 101st Airborne, plus 8 crew.


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Lockerbie, Lord Browne, MI6, BP, Hookers

Lord Browne.

1. According to the Mail on Sunday, 30 Agust 2009, an MI6 agent flew to Libya with former BP boss Lord Browne for secret meetings with Colonel Gaddafi.

MI6 agent joined disgraced BP boss in secret meetings with Gaddafi

2. Lord Browne's ex lover is Jeff Chevalier.

Chevalier told The Mail on Sunday that Browne was ‘shocked’ when the agent made a reference to his relationship with Mr Chevalier.

3. Chevalier said Lord Browne referred to Mark Allen, the MI6 counter-terrorism chief at the centre of the secret talks between Libya and Britain. (MI6 agent joined disgraced BP boss in secret meetings with Gaddafi)

4. Sir Mark Allen is now a senior executive with BP.

5. Reportedly BP uses strange methods to win contracts.

"BP worked with MI6 to help bring about changes in foreign governments...

"BP was working closely with MI6 at the highest levels to help it to win business...

"Turkish secret service documents claimed BP had discussed an 'arms for oil' deal with the assistance of MI6..."

Reportedly, BP executives working for Lord Browne "spent millions of pounds on champagne-fuelled sex parties to help secure lucrative international oil contracts."

Hookers, spies, cases full of BP spent £45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights

BP chief and ex-boyfriend: full text of judgment - Dramatis Personae

6. Lord Browne is close to both Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson.

Lord Browne and his lover Jeff Chevalier once entertained Peter Mandelson, then European Trade Commissioner, and his Brazilian partner, Reinaldo Avila da Silva. (Damning judgement that finished Lord Browne's career.)

Both Browne and Mandelson are believed to be Jewish.

Mandelson met Gaddafi's son before Megrahi's release.

7. Dr Hans Koechler recently said: "the United Nations General Assembly may consider establishing an international commission of inquiry into the Lockerbie incident." - The Lockerbie Case: Megrahi's lawyer to release dossier.

Megrahi insists victims deserve UN inquiry.

8. Leaked ministerial letters reveal that it was in the best interests of the UK to release Megrahi - Lockerbie bomber 'set free for oil'

9. The Scottish National Party has been infiltrated?

The SNP candidate for the Glasgow North East constituency is David Kerr, a member of Opus Dei, which has been linked to the CIA and fascism.

Kerr at first oposed the release of Megrahi.

SNP hopeful attacked for membership of Opus Dei - Catholic Herald.

SNP candidate accused of Megrahi 'flip-flop'


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Who was protecting Philip Garrido, the kidnapper of Jaycee Lee Dugard?

Garrido, was a convicted sex offender.

Parole agents and local law enforcement regularly visited his home.

A neighbour called 911 in November 2006.

The neighbour described Garrido as a psychotic sex addict who was living with children and had people staying in tents in his backyard.

The investigating officer spent a half-hour interviewing Garrido on his front porch but did not enter the house or search the backyard.

(Questions haunt neighbors, police who came in contact with accused.)

Erika Pratt, 25, who had stayed next door to Garrido, said people came and went from the property. Pratt said she had called Contra Costa County sheriff's deputies to investigate, but the police would not enter Garrido's property. (Chronicle)

Garrido's personal blog "reveals a preoccupation with mind control." (American Chronicle Criminal Past Hid Eccentricities of Jaycee.)

In August 2009, in the UK, Henry Day MBE, leader of the Young Citizens Guild, was found guilty of 21 counts of child abuse.

Henry Day - guilty of child abuse

The offences took place between 1973 and 1995.

One former guild member says he was aware of abuse as early as 1969.

An early complaint was made to a guild member in 1973 but it was not followed up.

The victims, until very recently, were unwilling to report the crimes as they were afraid of Day's 'friends in high places'.

The Jersey child abuse case made the victims decide to speak out.

Background to the case

Henry Day had been praised by royalty and police chiefs.

Victims were led to believe that, if they contacted the police, Henry Day could make their complaints 'disappear'.

Day had links to high ranking police officers.

Former Norfolk assistant chief constable John Bligh gave evidence for the defence.

The court heard that Day had been able to easily contact Bligh to discuss personal matters.

Day was in close contact with former chief constable Ken Williams and other police officers.

Day was in close contact with senior firefighters, coastguards and paramedics.

These individuals would regularly visit the children's camp run by Day.

A number of mayor's from London boroughs, where the majority of the victims came from, were personal friends of Day.

The guild's vice chairman was Mike Snowling, a former local council leader.

Day had regularly met the Prince of Wales.




. / The Silent Majority have spoken.

1. These polls show that the majority support the Megrahi release! - The Silent Majority have spoken.

At The Scotsman newspaper, "readers' letters swung decisively through the week in favour of MacAskill’s decision to release, while our online poll went from a very narrow majority opposing his decision to 57 per cent in favour by yesterday afternoon." - The Lockerbie Case

2. On 29 August 2009, The Herald has a news story entitled: The truth never dies: Megrahi demands Lockerbie inquiry

The Herald quotes Megrahi:

"I was supposed to receive a fair trial and I was supposed to be subject to fair procedure.

"From day one of the trial there were delays and delays from the Crown Office.

"The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission found at least six grounds of appeal and said there were six grounds on which it may have been a ­miscarriage of justice.

"From that point we asked the Crown for more documents and more papers.

"We received only some of them and they were still redacted.

"Most of the pages were black and I think this is shameful. They were supposed to give us everything.”

It has been revealed that some of the police notebooks recording the aftermath of the Lockerbie tragedy have been destroyed.

The Herald quotes Megrahi:

"It is very strange that the police forces that dealt with the case – and there were more than 400 officers – it is very strange that many of their notebooks went missing.

"When one officer was asked about a notebook, he said it was destroyed.

"I find this very strange. Surely to destroy the notebooks of so many people is a decision that someone must have been made?

"This is not fair and is a big question mark about the case."

3. Sections of the media appear to be hiding the truth about Lockerbie. There are Smokescreens

4. Not all Americans are deceived about Lockerbie: From The New Yorker

5. The leader of the UK's unpopular Liberal Democrats, the unpopular Nick Clegg, supports the unpopular USA over Lockerbie.

Why as Liberal Democrats we oppose our party's stance on freed Libyan

Spot the MI6 candidate or candidates?


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PanAm 103, UTA 772 and CIA agent Gaddafi

Gaddafi and a masonic handshake?

"CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson recruited Gadaffi in 1977, and the CIA shipped Libya over 2000 pounds of explosives," says former CIA agent Lester Coleman.

(DIA Agent's Book, Trail of the Octopus - From Beirut To Lockerbie.)

It is quite likely that the CIA has always had agents in top positions within the governments of both Iran and Libya. (The Ayatollahs and the CIA / Does the CIA now control both Libya and Scotland?)

It is possible that such CIA agents could have had something to do with various acts of terror such as the downing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie and the downing of UTA 772 over the Sahara.

On 28 August 2009, the Islington Tribune (UK) had a news story by Tom Foot entitled:

Megrahi deserves freedom, says victim's brother

According to the Islington Tribune:

1. UTA flight 772 came down over the Sahara.

The brother of Charles Norrie, a Londoner, died onboard UTA flight 772.

2. The downing of UTA 772 came nine months after PanAam 103 hit Lockerbie.

3. Charles Norrie believes that the CIA master-minded and carried out both these atrocities.

4. Charles Norrie has spent the last two decades researching the Lockerbie bombing.

5. Mr Norrie, 58, said: "I was absolutely delighted when I saw Megrahi was released. I never believed he was involved in Lockerbie.

"It was the CIA. This is a stinker – they are up to their ears."

6. Mr Norrie’s unpublished book, A Tale of Three Atrocities, claims CIA agents loaded a second 'insurance' bomb on to the Pan Am 103 flight at Heathrow airport.

7. Mr Norrie refers to:

A. A mystery break-in at Heathrow the night before the plane set off.

B. A cover-up over a second explosion in the plane’s luggage hold.

8. Mr Norrie suggests the CIA worked with the Iranians:

"I believe ... the CIA gave the Iranians the job of building a bomb."

9. Mr Norrie's brotherTony was travelling on the UTA flight to Edinburgh via Paris from Chad.

Six Libyans 'later admitted responsibility'.

The motive was considered to be a revenge attack on the French for supporting Chad against Libya.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a masonic sign?

At we read about UTA 772

(Lockerbie and Related Scams.)

"As in the Lockerbie case a piece of circuit board was found in the wreckage of UTA 772, which was identified, proved to be a crucial piece of evidence particularly against Colonel Abdessalam Isa Shibani.

"The date of the discovery of the fragment is not known.

"The investigating magistrate was made aware on its discovery on the 15th October 1991.

"The fragment bore no trace of explosive residue.

"The help of the FBI was sought in tracing the origin of this fragment.

"(It is understood that Thomas Thurman played a role in identifying this fragment.)"

Reported CIA and MI6 links to al Qaeda in Chicago, Pattaya and the Gulf States.

Pattaya, famous for its child brothels and high murder rate.

What links do the CIA and MI6 have to Al Qaeda?

Reportedly the Gulf States, Pattaya in Thailand, and Chicago provide part of the answer.

Reportedly the CIA and MI6 meet their Al Qaeda pals in Pattaya.

In July 2001, Le Figaro and french radio reported that Osama bin Laden was staying at the American Hospital in Dubai, and there he was visited by Larry Mitchell, the CIA's station chief in Dubai.

Reportedly, Qatar’s interior minister, Sheikh Al-Thani, harboured Al Qaeda's number three man Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Al Qaeda operative Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi.

Reportedly, a cousin of Bin Laden’s financial adviser worked at the British Consulate General in Chicago. Reportedly, from there, money was delivered to 'Al Qaeda' operatives in the United States.

Reportedly, the CIA and MI6 work closely with Al Qaeda.

Image by jaydahustla210

Tim Gatto, in the Atlantic Free Press on 15 January 2009, wrote that the US government invented "a huge group of militant Muslims operating in 87 countries that was led by Osama Bin Laden. The name of this Washington invention was called al Qaeda."

Former UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda is a database of militias and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis.

Reportedly, the CIA's Al Qaeda blackmails the Gulf States.

Reportedly the CIA's Al Qaeda has extorted protection money from the governments of the Gulf.

On 26 August 2009, Wayne Madsen, at Online Journal, wrote:

"CIA collusion with 'Al Qaeda' financiers and attack planners"

(Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.)

According to Wayne Madsen:

1. "An intelligence source from a NATO country" has reported that elements of the CIA are working with top Gulf state officials who are linked to 'Al Qaeda' networks.

2. A top prince in Qatar acts as a link between the CIA and 'Al Qaeda.'

3. The prince contacts 'Al Qaeda’s' financial network through contacts in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

4. The British Embassy's regional security officer in Dubai, believed to be an MI6 officer, maintains contact with the Qatari prince and his network in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

5. This network is allowed to operate with CIA and MI6 knowledge and support.

6. This network involves a top official in the government of Abu Dhabi who is close to the Abu Dhabi royal family.

7. Reportedly, the CIA station at the U.S. embassy in Doha, Qatar, has been a key link between the CIA and the 'Al Qaeda' support network.

8. Reportedly, the CIA in the UAE maintains close contact with Osama Bin Laden’s former financial adviser, a British-Mozambican UK citizen.

This man once lived in Bin Laden’s home in Saudi Arabia which was visited by diplomats from Britain and the United States.

A cousin of Bin Laden’s financial adviser worked at the British Consulate General in Chicago.

From there, financial support was given to 'Al Qaeda' operatives in the United States.

9. Chicago FBI agents Robert Wright and John Vincent began investigating the Al Qaeda money trail between Chicago and Bin Laden. Their investigation was spiked by FBI headquarters in Washington.

FBI agent John P O'Neill got close to the connections between 'Al Qaeda,' the Saudi government, and the CIA and MI6.

O’Neill was retired from the FBI.

10. Bin Laden maintained accounts at the CIA-linked Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

(BCCI was created with capital from Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and Bank of America)

11. In Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand, 'Al Qaeda' operatives, often meet CIA and MI6 'liaisons'.

Bangkok was the site of one of the CIA’s secret rendition prisons.

12. In Southeast Asia, Western intelligence agents transfer weapons to 'Al Qaeda' and 'Jemaah Islamiya' operatives.

In August 2009, the Philippine Coast Guard intercepted the M/V Captain Ufuk as it entered Manila Bay.

This ship was carrying Israeli Galil assault rifles.

13. Bin Laden’s assistant, Ali Mohammed, was an instructor at the Special Warfare Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

14. CIA assassination operations have links to CIA fronts in Panama, Japan, France, Italy, Monaco, and Texas.

There were links between the CIA death squads and (A) people within the party of General Musharraf (B) Japanese yakuza linked to the Liberal Democratic Party (C) Golden Triangle warlords in Burma and (D) Colombian paramilitaries linked to the government of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

15. Former CIA Executive Director Alvin 'Buzzy' Krongard is reported to have helped form the relationship with Blackwater USA to carry out assassinations for the CIA.


Donald Bostrom Swedish Journalist on Israeli organ harvesting

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Image from:

Imagine the polls say that Mr Karzai in Afghanistan is going to get 51% of the vote.

And then he is declared to have got 51% of the vote.

So, you can believe the results of polls and elections?

In 1992, President Suharto's Golkar party in Indonesia predicted they would get around 68% of the vote in the general election. They got 68% of the vote.

It is believed that the vote was totally rigged.

The polling organisation YouGov tells us that the Scottish National Party have taken a poll hit after the release of Megrahi.

(42% said the release was correct and 51% said the release was wrong.)

Comments on radio phone-in programs and letters to certain newspapers might suggest that YouGov has got it wrong?

On 23 November 2006, a YouGov poll in The Telegraph gave the Scottish National Party only 32% of the vote.

On the very same day, 23 November 2006, a YouGov poll in The Herald gave the Scottish National Party 36% of the vote.

(Scotland: Strange YouGov poll results)

Did the Telegraph want the Scottish National Party to look bad?

Did The Herald insist on great accuracy in the questioning of the public?

Allegedly, a polling organisation can get the result its masters want simply by:

1. phrasing its questions in a particular way

2. mainly asking the sort of people who will give the required answers.

For example, a poll might ask:

In view of the Scottish National Party's sympathy for terrorists, and in view of the fact that Scotland's oil has almost run out, do you expect the Scottish Nationalists to win in the Glenrothes election?

The pollsters might then question 400 people living in Scotland who have English sounding names and who have incomes over £50,000 a year.

The pollsters then announce that the SNP can be expected to lose the Glenrothes election.

And the election can then be rigged? Looks like GLENROTHES election WAS RIGGED.

Image from:

Stephan Kukowski (also known as Stephan Shakespeare) is the founder, Chief Innovations Officer and a major shareholder of YouGov.

Does he sound like the sort of person who might have connections to the security services?

Stephan Kukowski is on the board of Conservative Friends of Israel

Stephan's father was German Press Liaison Officer at the British Army of the Rhine HQ.

In the UK, Stephan joined (or infiltrated?) the Socialist Workers Student Society.

He became a headmaster in Los Angeles, California in the 1980s.

Back in the UK, he became Jeffrey Archer’s spokesman during and after his failed London mayoral campaign.

He became a Conservative Party pollster and then the Conservative candidate for Colchester.


Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb timer fragment

Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb timer fragment


There is evidence supporting the idea that the CIA carried out the Lockerbie bombing.

"An unnamed former senior Scottish police officer said that he had planted the (bomb timer) fragment at the crash site by order of the CIA." - Lockerbie: The Real Cover Up

A former Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated. CIA Involvement: Police chief: Lockerbie evidence was faked

Ulrich Lumpert a Swiss engineer who was "a crucial witness" has now confessed that he lied about the origins of a timer switch.

Recently, Lumpert gave a sworn declaration to a Swiss court, which read "I stole a prototype MST-13 timing device" and "gave it without permission on June 22, 1989 to a person who was officially investigating the Lockerbie affair". - From Gulf News, 4 September 2007

What was found at Lockerbie?

According to historian Lisa Pease: "Drugs. Heroin, to be exact.

"Additionally, locals were perturbed by the immediate presence of large numbers of Americans who showed up in Lockerbie within a couple of hours of the downing of the plane...

"Among the victims was ... U.S. Army Major Charles McKee, a Defense Intelligence Agency employee who had been assigned temporarily to the CIA.

"McKee had been accompanied by four others that were later identified as CIA men: Matthew Gannon, the CIA’s Beirut Deputy Station Chief; Ronald Larivier, Daniel O’Connor, and Bill Leyrer..."

In Frankfurt, "during the loading of bags, a BKA (German federal police) agent noticed a bag that looked different than the usual drug bags.

"Since he was on alert for a potential bomb, he notified CIA-1 (a CIA team), which again passed that information to its control.

"The report (made for PanAm) said, 'Control replied: don’t worry about it, don’t stop it, let it go.'

"The report said CIA-1 gave no instructions to BKA, and BKA did nothing to stop the bag.

"In one of its most startling allegations, the report said, 'The BKA was then covertly videotaping that area on that day. A videotape was made. It shows the perpetrator in the act. It was held by BKA. A copy was made and given to CIA-1. The BKA tape has been ‘lost.’ However, the copy exists at CIA-1 control in the U.S'..."

In 1990, ABC and NBC did reports on a drug ring link to the bombing.

"Time magazine ... stated ... that McKee was heading back to Washington to expose the CIA unit’s operations with the drug dealers."

The London government apparently wanted Megrahi released.

The Cabinet Office has released papers which show that Lord Jones, a trade minister, visited Tripoli in May 2008.

In November 2008 Dawn Primarolo, a health minister, held talks with the Libyan prime minister and the Secretary of the General People’s Committee.

Health Minister Alan Johnson met Libyan health ministers in Geneva in 2008.

Bill Rammell, the Foreign Office Minister, talks with foreign ministers in the Libya in February 2009. - Four Labour ministers met Libyans before bomber's release

On 16 August 2009, top journalist Nick Cohen wrote in The Observer in the UK:

"When I boarded the late train from Euston on 21 December 1988, I felt I was living in two worlds simultaneously. The news editor had told me get to Lockerbie fast."

Reportedly, Nick Cohen is a Zionist.

Perhaps his job has been to spread disinformation about Lockerbie ever since 1988?

Richard Ingrams's Week: He may be obsessive.

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Lockerbie, Northwoods and Cubana Flight 455

"Miami-based terrorist Luis Posada Carriles" from

The Pentagon's Operation Northwoods was approved, in writing, by the Chairman and all the members of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Operation Northwoods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Operation Northwoods called for innocent people to be killed and for innocent people to be framed for bombings they did not commit.

Operation Northwwoods suggested that the Pentagon could "shoot down a chartered civil airliner en route from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela.

"The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba.

"The passengers could be a group of college students." (Operation Northwoods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In October 1976 Cubana flight 455 was blown out of the air, killing all 73 passengers.

This was masterminded by two CIA-trained agents, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles.

In 1990 President Bush granted Bosch political asylum.

Carriles, while awaiting sentence in Venezuela over further terrorist attacks, fled to the US., where he is able to live freely. (Others who were just following orders)

Looks like the PanAm Lockerbie bombing could be the work of agents of the US government?

Reportedly, Khaisar Haddad, known as Abu Elias, was an agent of the US government and carried out the Lockerbie Bombing.

Declassified CIA and FBI records posted by the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

Wealth and Poverty in Ted Kennedy's USA
Views on Megrahi and Scotland.

Wealth and Poverty in Ted Kennedy's USA

In 1973 mob boss Frank Costello said that he and Joseph Kennedy, father of President Kennedy, had been bootlegging partners. (Frank Costello - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"Ted Kennedy and the Kennedy’s have profited in the tens of millions through the oil industry.

"Kennedy ... owns two oil companies." (Political Corruption 1: Ted Kennedy.)

Ted Kennedy, during a European vacation, was photographed having sexual intercourse in a motorboat.

Alabama senator Howell Heflin joked he was glad to see Kennedy had "changed his position on offshore drilling."

(highly publicised debauchery)

In 1983, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was arrested for heroin possession.

In 1984, Robert Kennedy's sons, David, died of a drug overdose.

Ted Kennedy's son, Patrick, went into rehab in 1986, followed, in 1991, by his brother Ted Jr.

The USA could be considered to be a country of rich clever 'crooks', and poor dumb serfs.

On 10 August 2009, Global Research, had an article entitled Poverty and Social Inequality in America.

The article makes the following points about the USA:

1. The average income of the richest 10% is US$ 93,000.

This is the highest level in the OECD.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development includes the USA, UK, Australia, Mexico, Turkey and 25 other countries.

2. The poorest 10% of US citizens have an income of US$5,800.

This is about 20% lower than the average for OECD countries.

3. Since the mid 1980s, the distribution of earnings has widened by 20%.

This is more than in most other OECD countries.

This is the main reason for widening inequality in America.

In the USA, the level of spending on social benefits such as unemployment benefits and family benefits is low – equivalent to just 9% of household incomes, while the OECD average is 22%.

On 10 August 2009, at Global Research, Tom Eley has an article entitled: “Working Poor” report: Nearly 30 percent of US families subsist on poverty wages.

From this we learn:

A 2008 report reveals that more than 28% of working Americans are living in poverty.

In 2006 there were more than 29 million jobs in the US that paid below the official poverty level.

The majority of families living on poverty wages are neither immigrants, minorities or families with a single parent.

Texas has the fourth highest number of working families defined as low-income.

New York has the highest family income inequality in the nation, California the fourth highest.

The impoverishment of ever-larger sections of the working class population is the outcome of a number of processes:

1. The dismantling of large sections of basic industry.

2. The wave of union-busting and strike-breaking in the 1980s.

3. The gutting of social welfare programs.

4. The betrayal of the working class by the trade union organizations.

There has been vast enrichment of the top 10 percent of the US population and the ever-greater concentration of wealth in the hands of the financial elite.


Views on Megrahi and Scotland.

Image from:

"In expressing his full support of the Scottish judicial system, Mr MacAskill implicitly accepted that the decision was correct and that Megrahi was, indeed, guilty of the appalling crime.

"Many in Scotland and beyond are not convinced this is correct...

"The detailed report of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission identified no fewer than six grounds on which the Camp Zeist verdict might be unsafe, including US bribery of the principal identification witness, doubts about the source of the timer device...

"I believe it is still within the powers of the Scottish Parliament to order that the SCCRC report be published in full, without any 'redacting'" - MacAskill can still restore respect for Scottish judicial system

"It is not certain that Megrahi had anything to do with the Lockerbie bombing."- Many Americans are in full support of Scotland’s position

"I am deeply concerned that neither the Scottish Government nor the three main opposition parties seems to mind what happens about the questions left unresolved by the abandonment of Megrahi's appeal." - Why as LibDems we oppose our party’s stance on freed Libyan

William Jardine

Why have large numbers of top people in Scotland apparently tried to cover up the links between the Lockerbie Bomb and heroin? (Lockerbie, Dr Hans Kochler, the SCCRC, Oliver Reve... )

Lockerbie is in Dumfries and Galloway which has had strong links to the drugs trade since the 19th century. There are large mansions in Dumfries and Galloway which were built by people linked to 'the China trade'.

William Jardine (1784-1843) was born, near Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, not so far from Lockerbie. Jardine, together with James Matheson, went into the opium business in China.

Jardine helped to start the First Opium War. Britain was smuggling opium from India into China, and when China tried to stop this, there was war. China was defeated and forced to allow the opium trade.

Some top Scots still seem to have links to people allegedly involved in the drugs trade?

'Drug baron Justin McAlroy was gunned down on his driveway in Glasgow's Cambuslang only six days after wining and dining Labour VIPs Jack McConnell and John Reid at a dinner to raise funds for the party in 2002.' - ( )

'Police have found cannabis resin in the home of the British Defence Secretary, John Reid, but the minister says he has no idea where it came from.' - Sunday Mail 30 April 2006

According to the Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland) 9/4/2005:

'GRIM-FACED Defence Secretary John Reid shared centre stage at his son's wedding yesterday - with a villain wanted by police. Tony Blair's most trusted minister and fugitive Ronnie Campbell - the father of the bride - stood side by side on the steps of Westminster Cathedral.' Reportedly, Campbell's name has been linked to drugs.

Cartoon from:

Juval Aviv, the owner of Interfor Inc, a private investigation company based in New York, was asked by PanAm to investigate Lockerbie. Aviv made some discoveries about heroin.

According to The Scotsman: ( Http:// )

"THE CIA is alleged to have set up a protected drug route from Europe to the United States - called Operation Corea - which allowed Syrian drug dealers to ship heroin to the US using Pan Am flights... The American intelligence officers on Pan Am 103 - Matthew Gannon and Major Charles McKee - had found out about it, and were on their way to Washington to tell their superiors... Aviv was never interviewed by either the Scottish police or the FBI."

Reportedly, a number of important people were warned not to fly on the PanAm 103 flight which came down over Lockerbie.

According to The Scotsman ( Http:// )
"A 23-strong South African delegation, headed by foreign minister, Pik Botha, cancelled a booking on the flight at short notice. There was also a last-minute change of travel plan by the UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson."

( Http:// )

"Washington knew enough to put up notices in its Moscow embassy warning personnel not to travel on Pan Am flights, to withdraw the South African general staff - Generals Van Tonder and Malan, Rusty Evans and Pik Botha - and advise personnel from the American army of the Rhine not to travel..."

Presumably, the CIA did not warn Major Charles McKee.

The CIA seemed to know approximately when and where PanAm Flight 103 was going to come down.

Tam Dalyell wrote in The Scotsman:
( Http:// )

'Within an hour of Pan Am 103 crashing on Lockerbie, on a point of order, I interrupted House of Commons routine business to ask for a statement. Simultaneously, by helicopter, American personnel were arriving on the scene, and were soon to take over..."

The Scottish business, legal and political establishment is at risk of corruption by criminal godfathers who crave power and influence as much as wealth, a top crime-fighter has warned.
The Herald : News: HEADLINE NEWS


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The USA's top selling magazine is Reader's Digest.

Apparently, Reader's Digest has links to the CIA.

Reader’s Digest was reportedly used by the CIA to help create conditions for the 9 11 1973 overthrow of Chile's democratically-elected President Allende.

(`Reader's Digest''s Hidden History--Part 2)

The Digest's worldwide circulation, including all editions, has reached 21 million copies, and over 100 million readers.

"American Dreamers," is a book from former Reader's Digest managing editor Peter Canning.

Canning relates how the CIA fed content to the Digest.

Reader's Digest had many pro-Vietnam War editorials.

(SALON Daily Clicks Sneak Peeks)

John Heidenry’s book "Theirs Was The Kingdom" relates that Reader's digest has been used as a tool of the CIA since 1948.

According to "Unreliable Sources: A Guide To Detecting Bias In News Media" by Martin Lee and Norman Solomon, "It was rather convenient that people like…Eugene Lyons of Reader’s Digest sat on the board of directors of the National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE), which functioned as a thinly-veiled private-section cover for channeling funds to neo-Nazi émigré groups…" and "other NCFE board members included CIA director Allen Dulles…"

On 20 August 2009, The Economist has an article entitled: Reader's Digest declares bankruptcy: Unsexy and unsuccessful.

On 17 August 2009, the Reader’s Digest Association, the publisher of the Reader's Digest, said it would seek bankruptcy protection.

It needs to restructure $2.2 billion in debt.

In the 1970s the Digest sold as many as 18m copies a month.

Circulation now stands at 8.2m in America.

The National Geographic appears to have become the mouthpiece of the CIA?

The National Geographic's video on Lockerbie fails to tell us that the Lockerbie 'timer' may have been planted, and that Major Charles McKee reportedly wanted to blow the whistle on Operation Corea.

Just before 9 11, the National geographic was preparing maps and an article on Afghanistan.

If you want to know which countries the Pentagon is about to invade, look at the National Geographic.

The edition of the magazine, dated November 2004, has an article on the Geography of Terror.

The article, written by Walter Laqueur who recently retired from the Kissinger Chair at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, seems full of obvious disinformation.

The article refers to a number of countries:

Ireland – the article fails to mention US financing of terror groups, and the allegation that most of the worst incidents were the work of the UK security services.

Europe – the article fails to mention the CIA links to the terror which hit Italy in the 1980s.

Remember the bombs in railway stations that ‘were the work of fascist groups with CIA connections’.

Indonesia – the article fails to mention (1) the CIA terror used to topple President Sukarno and then President Suharto (2) the US training of the generals who have been associated with terror in East Timor, the Spice Islands and elsewhere (3) the links between the US trained Indonesian military and ‘Moslem’ terror groups such as Laskar Jihad (4) the alleged involvement of the Indonesian military in the Bali bomb.

Palestine – the article does not make it clear that (1) the Palestinians were driven from their land by Jewish terrorist groups (2) the Israelis initially aided Hamas in order to weaken Arafat (3) the USA supports Israel in its occupation of Palestinian land and defiance of UN resolutions and in its possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq – the article fails to mention the body of evidence that Saddam was a CIA agent and was put into power by the USA.

Al Qaeda – the article promotes the myth of al Qaeda. It fails to mention (1) the bin Laden links to the Bush family (2) bin Laden’s Jewish mother (3) bin Laden’s death in December 2001 (4) the controlled explosions that brought down the Twin Towers on 9 11 (5) the training of the alleged hijackers at US military bases.

Lockerbie Quislings?

Quisling and Adolf.

Norwegian politician Vidkun Quisling assisted Nazi Germany to conquer his own country.

The Scottish parliament seems to contain some quislings.

These quislings appear to do the work of the Pentagon and CIA, who might be seen as being today's equivalent of the Nazis?

Recent speeches by Scottish politicians have revealed who are the relatively honest individuals and who are the quislings?

MacAskill defends decision as rivals fail to land blows / Support for 'right decision' over Megrahi / MacAskill to survive as MSPs back off key vote

Malcolm Chisholm, a former Labour minister said: "Can I regret the politicisation of what is a quasi-judicial decision, and for my part commend the Justice Secretary for a courageous decision, which is entirely consistent with both the principles of Scots Law and Christian morality, as evidenced by the widespread support of churches across Scotland."

Malcolm Chisholm is not a quisling.

According to Michael Matheson, a member of the Scottish parliament: "With Scotland’s churches, civic society, senior former and current politicians and many Scots around the country agreeing with this decision and the values embodied in it it is clear that support for Mr MacAskill is growing as Scots and others around the world understand the decision and the reasons for it."

Michael Matheson is not a quisling.

Liberal Democrat MSP John Farquhar Munro supported Mr MacAskill’s decision. "Mr MacAskill had no other choice but the one he made," said Munro.

John Farquhar Munro is not a quisling.

Former Labour first minister Henry McLeish gave his backing to the decision to release Megrahi.

Henry McLeish is not a quisling.

Former presiding officer and Liberal leader Lord David Steel said of Megrahi: "I think most opinion in Scotland is in favour of the decision to release him on compassionate grounds."

David Steel is not a quisling.

Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Scotland issued statements to say MacAskill had done the right thing in releasing Megrahi.

The church leaders are not quislings.

Photo of Quisling from

Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray, Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie, and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott all opposed the release of Megrahi.

They appear to be siding with Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI, and Admiral Mike Mullen.

They appear to be siding with the country that gave us Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, Operation Phoenix, and Operation Cyclone.

Northwoods was a Pentagon plan whereby the Pentagon would carry out acts of terrorism in the USA.

Gladio, reportedly, was Pentagon terrorism in Europe, including the Bologna Bomb.

Operation Phoenix was Pentagon terror and murder in Vietnam.

Cyclone was when the Pentagon armed and trained the Moslem extremists in Afghanistan.

Much the Scottish media has opposed the release of Megrahi, but there have been some brave exceptions.

Terrorism: LOCKERBIE - Mueller, Thurman, Bollier, Lumpert and a timer


Monday, August 24, 2009

Americans Should Be Reminded

Children preparing for evacuation from Spain, some giving the Republican salute. It was donated to Wikipedia Commons by the estate of Olga Brocca Smith.

"Details ... have begun to enter the public domain. They make devastating reading. They include deliberately undisclosed evidence at the original trial; alleged tampering with evidence and payment of a £2m bribe to a key witness." - In time Megrahi will be granted a posthumous Royal pardon

"Perhaps the Americans should be reminded of the case of Second Lieutenant William Calley, who was involved in the murder of at least 350 unarmed women, children and elderly people at My Lai in 1968.

"He was found guilty, sentenced to life in prison and served three years of house arrest before being released." - Hypocritical for Americans to voice anger

Photo by Lewis Carroll

Mad Moslems : Malaysia caning case sparks debate

Malaysian Authorities Postpone Whipping of Woman

Martin Gilbert, the chief executive of Aberdeen Asset Management, has joined forces with Edinburgh financier Ben Thomson and property developer Mark Shaw to acquire the Scotsman newspaper from the debt-laden Johnston Press. The Johnson press is in discussions with Newsquest, publisher of rival The Herald, about a joint venture. - Bid to buy The Scotsman from troubled owner

Pilger and the American Way of Life

50 Top U.S. War Criminals

DEA agents on drug traffickers’ payrolls in Colombia From Sibel Edmonds blog: Major DEA Scandal & Time Magazine

Over 100,000 people displaced by Yemen fighting: U.N.

Reportedly, Khaisar Haddad, known as Abu Elias, was an agent of the US government and carried out the Lockerbie Bombing.

Corporate Media Orchestrates Outrage over Release of Libyan Patsy al-Megrahi

The Tripoli Post is Reporting:

Lockerbie evidence 'planted by CIA'

Key Lockerbie Witness Admits Perjury

Abu Nidal 'was a US spy'

Was Lockerbie suspect working for US?





What links Lockerbie and 9 11 and heroin? Image from:

1. In the Lockerbie case, all the evidence against Megrahi has apparently been shown to be fake. (LOCKERBIE BOMBING EVIDENCE 'PLANTED' - Mail on Sunday 21 December 2008)

There is a growing belief that the CIA used its own agents to bring down PanAm 103.

The chief suspects, Khaisar Haddad and Abu Nidal of the PFLP-GC, reportedly worked for the CIA. Ahmed Jibril of the PFLP-GC had links to CIA-asset and drugs dealer Monzer al-Kassar.

(Was Lockerbie suspect working for US? - News / Reportedly, Khaisar Haddad, known as Abu Elias, was an agent of the US government and carried out the Lockerbie Bombing.)

2. The evidence against Iran would appear to be totally fake Mossad disinformation.

Ahmed Jibril, of the PFLP-GC, is alleged to have received $11 million from Iran. (Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103: Facts.)

However, a banking audit trail to confirm the payment has never been presented. (disinformation about Iran?)

In 1986 there was a bomb in a Berlin disco.

German TV exposed the CIA, Mossad links to the 1986 Berlin La Belle disco bombing.

Victor Ostrovsky, former Mossad agent, testified that Mossad set up a transmitter in Tripoli to generate a false signal about the "success" of the Berlin disco bomb and thus falsely implicate Libya. (MORE EVIDENCE ON LOCKERBIE APPEARS TO IMPLICATE THE CIA)

Mossad wanted the Berlin disco bomb to be blamed on Libya rather than the CIA and Mossad.

PFLP-GC, part of the left-wing, secular Palestinian national liberation movement, was supposed to have been used by Iran.

However, it is unlikely that Iran would use "a secular, even Marxist, Arab nationalist" member of a Palestinian cell to attack the USA. - MORE EVIDENCE ON LOCKERBIE APPEARS TO IMPLICATE THE CIA

3. The Lockerbie release could topple the SNP government.

Lockerbie has had Reverberations for the SNP.

4. Libya was framed and now Iran may be framed, but the evidence points to misdeeds by the CIA and the Scottish criminal justice system. - $2m witness payment, bogus forensic evidence and Pentagon memo blaming Iran: How Lockerbie bomber appeal threatened Scottish justice

5. Reportedly, Khaisar Haddad, known as Abu Elias, was an agent of the US government and carried out the Lockerbie Bombing.

But if you look for this story on Google news, you may find it is given little prominence.

And many blogs will ignore this story.

Many Americans refuse to face the reality of Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio.

6. Lockerbie is linked to 9 11

22 January 1963, Mexico City, at "La Reforma" nightclub. Shown, clockwise from front left, are alleged to be: David Sanchez Morales, Porter Goss (arm around Morales), Barry Seal, Guillermo Novo Sampol, Ignacio Novo Sampol; Carlos Alberto de Diego Aday, Richard Cain (unconfirmed), Arsenio Felipe de Diego Aday, Tosh Plumlee and Virgilio Gonzalez. A reader adds this correction: "The fellow w/ moustache in the front right is William Houston Seymour, an Oswald look-alike; next to him, hiding his face, is Frank Sturgis, one of the hobos caught in a train yard not far from the Grassy Knoll, and one of the Watergate burglars.The man in the front left 'is Felix Rodriguez, one of the CIA's most vicious assassins, whose long list of murders includes that of Che Guevara in Bolivia...'"

Reportedly, it was Mossad that suggested that the CIA, with the help of Monzer al Kassar, could smuggle heroin from Lebanon into the USA.

(BBC News WORLD Lockerbie: Conspiracy theories)

Reportedly, Monzer al Kassar, a Syrian, was a CIA asset.

Reportedly, profits from Lebanese heroin were used by the CIA to help finance 9 11.

Reportedly, Mohamed Atta flew heroin for the CIA into Florida.

Goss, allegedly linked to heroin and 9 11.

From an article entitled Robert Gates, Lockerbie, October Surprise, Iran-Contra, we learn of the following allegation:

Reportedly, al Kassar would have known about Mohamed Atta 'flying Lebanese heroin into Florida for Porter Goss's 911 operation'.

Reportedly, tied to Porter Goss' 911 training operation in Florida were the Muslim Brotherhood, and agents of the intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia, Germany, Syria and Pakistan.

Kassar, who may have been a CIA asset, and whose name is linked to Lockerbie.

On 20 November 2008, Monzer Al Kassar, following a three-week jury trial in Manhattan federal court, was found guilty of:

conspiracy to murder U.S. nationals, conspiracy to murder U.S. officers and employees, conspiracy to acquire and export anti-aircraft missiles, conspiracy to provide material support and resources to the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), a designated foreign terrorist organization, and money laundering. (International Arms Dealer and Cohort Convicted on Terrorism Offenses)

Reportedly, since the early 1970s, Al Kassar was a source of weapons and military equipment for groups engaged in violent conflicts around the world.

Some of those groups included the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF).

Reportedly, Al Kassar developed an international network of criminal associates, as well as front companies and bank accounts in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Photo of Kassar

Monzer al-Kassar, born in Syria in 1945, is known as the "Prince of Marbella."

Kassar is married to a sister of Ali Issa Dubah, a former chief of Syrian intelligence, and a close associate of Rifat Assad, the brother of Syria's former President Hafez Assad.

Kassar is said to have been a CIA asset, involved with Colonel Oliver North and General Richard Secord. ('Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')

Reportedly, Rifat Assad, 'the Syrian boss of the Lebanese heroin industry', and Monzer al-Kassar took over Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in 1975 with the help of the Syrian Army.

Allegedly, heroin was transported from the Bekaa Valley to the USA on PanAm flights with the help of Kassar and elements of the CIA. (If Not Megrahi Then Who Is Really Responsible (from The Herald ))

Kassar has been linked to the Lockerbie Bombing.

On board Pan Am 103, on 21 December 1988, were Major Charles McKee, of the the US Defence Intelligence Agency in Beirut, and Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut.

McKie and his team had reportedly discovered evidence that a 'rogue' CIA unit called COREA, was involved in the drugs business with Monzar Al-Kassar. (Part XIX(D): AN IRAN-CONTRA/AL QAEDA READER, cont'd)

Reportedly Al-Kassar 'was part of the secret network run by US Lt. Colonel Oliver North.'

Outraged that COREA was doing business with a Syrian 'who made money from drugs, arms and terrorism', the McKee team reportedly 'decided to fly to CIA HQ in Virginia to expose COREA'.

They flew on Pan Am flight 103 which came down over Lockerbie.

It has been alleged that Kassar has received regular CIA money deposited to his credit at the Katherein Bank, Vienna (A/c No. 50307495) and at the Swiss Bank Corporation in Geneva (A/c No. 510230C-86). ('Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')

Kassar is said to be a very major arms and drugs smuggler.

In 1987, investigations into the Iran-Contra scandal found that al-Kassar had been paid 1.5 million pounds by someone in the U.S. government to sell arms to Nicaraguan Contras. (Monzer al-Kassar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 1992, al-Kassar made arms sales in the millions of dollars to Croatia, Bosnia and Somalia, violating United Nations arms embargoes to all three countries.

According to the US Drugs Enforcement Agency, Al-Kassar once imported 20 % of the heroin that came into the United States. (FTR-109 Monzer Al-Kassar & Co)

In 1992, the Spanish government arrested Kassar for his alleged involvement in the Achille Lauro hijacking. In 1995, and he was found not guilty on all charges.

In July 2006, the government of Iraq placed Kassar at number 26 on their "most wanted" list, calling him one of the main suppliers for the Iraqi insurgents.

On 8 June 2007, the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) announced the arrest in Spain of Monzer al Kassar. This was said to be linked to arms sales to rebels in Colombia.

Kassar was arrested just days before the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was granted a second extraordinary appeal and 'just days after Blair went to Tripoli to negotiate a deal that would save him the embarrassment of a fresh appeal.' ('Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar')


Aviation Terrorism and Security - Google Books Result


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