Saturday, July 04, 2009

YouTube, Steve Chen and a blackout.

Image from: Matt Britt

Why is YOUTUBE experiencing turbulence?

Reportedly, some of its best brains have left and some of its users are angry.

YouTube fans are fed up with the new design of YouTube, which comes into force on 15 July 2009..

There is a plan by disgruntled YouTube users for a YouTube "blackout" on July 14.

Steve Chen co-founded YouTube.

Chen has left his post as YouTube's chief technology officer.

He left last year but we're only hearing about it now.

Reportedly, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley will soon be gone from YouTube as well.

Reportedly, Google is terrified about a brain drain.

Will Chen and friends go to work for a YouTube rival?

Chen is still working for Google.

Nobody has yet come up with a service to rival either YouTube or Google in terms of popularity.

YouTube Founder Moves On

YouTube Readies Redesign Amid Chorus of Complaints


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