Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who to copy on the environment?

There is a dispute about global warming.

But, most people agree about the need to look after the environment.

Too many trees are being cut down, too much air is polluted and too many creatures are dying out.

A new report from the charity Oxfam says the world should copy Scotland in environmental policy.

One of Obama’s top advisers says the world must follow Scotland's lead in environmental policy.

Obama's climate adviser praises Scotland

Professor Diana Liverman, the Oxford scientist and presidential adviser, backs the Oxfam report that singles out Scotland as an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Malcolm Fleming, Oxfam's Scottish campaigns manager, said: "Scotland is already leading the world ... with targets guided by science rather than political expediency."

The Oxfam report states 375m people will likely be affected by climate-related disasters by 2015, and that 200m people may need to migrate each year by 2050 because of hunger, environmental degradation and loss of land.

Scotland is expected to provide around 25% of Europe's ALTERNATIVE energy.

Scotland's SNP government is OPPOSED to nuclear energy.


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