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Whisky jobs to move to China and India? Time to boycott Johnnie Walker?

Japanese product.

The American economy has been hurt by nasty and stupid corporations moving jobs to China and India.

Now there is a risk that Scottish whisky produced by the giant Diageo company will soon be bottled not in Scotland but in India and China.

Diageo's Johnnie Walker has been described as being 'mass produced mouthwash'.

Some people are considering a boycott of Johnnie Walker, Bells, White Horse, Smirnoff, Guinness, Harp lager, Baileys, Captain Morgan and other products made by the giant Diageo company.

Diageo plans 'could ruin Scotch whisky'

DIAGEO plans to end Johnnie Walker's historic links with Kilmarnock in Scotland.

MPs from the four main political parties in Scotland have warned that this could be the beginning of a process that will destroy the Scotch whisky industry.

They sent a letter to Diageo's chief executive Paul Walsh demanding that he reverses the decision to close its Kilmarnock plant and a 200-year-old distillery in Glasgow.

These closures would mean the loss of thousands of jobs and billions of pounds from the economy.

American product.

Alan Gray, of Sutherland and Partners in Edinburgh, is one of the UK's top whisky business analysts.

He says: "I think there is a danger that this could develop into something more and that bottling could be moved outside Scotland."

Diageo plans 'could ruin Scotch whisky'

He said that just over 85% of whisky is bottled in Scotland. He warned that Diageo's plans followed similar moves by other major whisky producers.

Scots Whisky is worth just over £3 billion in export sales and even more in the domestic UK market.

Alistair Carmichael, the Liberal Democrat MP for Orkney and Shetland, attacked Diageo's "shabby" treatment of its workers in Kilmarnock.

He warned that Diageo's move could push Scotland's whisky industry into terminal decline, like the steel and coal industries.

Whisky accounts for one in 50 jobs in Scotland.

Angus Robertson, the SNP's Westminster leader, has pointed out that Diageo recently made a profit of £1.6bn.

If Diageo bottles its whisky in China and India it would save huge amounts of money.

Diageo owns 28 of the 100 whisky distilleries in Scotland and controls around one third of the products.

Diageo plans 'could ruin Scotch whisky'

"Many of Scotland's biggest, best and most eminent companies - the House of Fraser, Anderson Strathclyde, The Distillers Company, Arthur Bell, Britoil, British Caledonian, Loganair - have slipped into non-Scottish, usually English, ownership" (George Rosie 1995, The Fletcher Forum)

Diageo controls Guinness and what used to be the Scottish drinks company Distillers

The Guinness share-trading fraud was a famous scandal of the 1980s.

It involved an attempt to manipulate the stock market on a massive scale to inflate the price of Guinness shares and thereby assist a £2.7 billion take-over bid for the Scottish drinks company Distillers.

A top British Jew called Gerald Ronson became known in the UK as one of the 'Guinness Four' for his part in the Guinness share-trading fraud along with Ernest Saunders and business associates Jack Lyons and Anthony Parnes.

Ronson "was convicted in August 1990 of one charge of conspiracy, two of false accounting, and one of theft, and was fined £5 million and given a one-year jail sentence." - Gerald Ronson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Key bored warrior: BOYCOTT DIAEGO


The best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies are made by Bladnoch and by Morrison Bowmore Distillers.

Bladnoch 15 Year Old Sheep Label suggests apricot, citrus fruits, butter toffee, apple, pear, liquorice, melon, raspberry and strawberry.

Equally good is Auchentoshan 3 Wood made by Morrison Bowmore Distillers.

It suggests ripe fruit, spice, nuts, syrup, cinnamon, lemon, butterscotch and oak.


grist42 said...

Yea, and who owns Bowmore? The Japanese whisky giants Suntory.

Note that the company bottling plenty Scotch overseas is Whyte & Mackay, not Diageo. Who owns Whyte & Mackay? Is anyone calling for a boycott of Jura and Dalmore single malts? QED. Diageo is at least a British company.

Key bored warrior. said...

"Diageo is at least a British company."

Don't you mean an English company, HQ in London. It is easy to get confused as England regards Britain as England.

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