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The Jakarta hotel bombs were most likely the work of elements of the security services of more than one country.

Brig. General Dudon Satiaputra is the former head of Indonesia's National Police Forensics Laboratory.

According to The Jakarta Globe (Jakarta Bombs Not Built in Hotel, Analyst Argues) , 21 July 2009, Satiaputra doubts that the bombs used in July 2009 hotel attacks in Jakarta were built inside the hotels.

“The bombs were high explosives, which to my experience and knowledge would take more than three days to make,”

Hotel records show the alleged bombers checked into the Marriott on 15 July at about 3 p.m. The attacks were carried out less than 48 hours later.

Who might be wanting to send a message to Indonesia?

Indonesia's President Yudhoyono is a former general and he was trained in the USA.

Is he doing everything that Israel and the USA want?

1. In December 2008, Indonesian President Yudhoyono made it clear that Indonesia supports the Palestinians.

ANTARA :: President Yudhoyono says RI consistently supports ...

Yudhoyono called on Israel to end its air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

"Israel's unproportionally all-out war on Hamas with a great number of fatalities is an unforgettable human tragedy," the president said.

2. Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, visited Indonesia in May 2006, offering economic deals worth over US$4 billion in the oil and gas sector.

The Iran-Indonesia Joint Economic Cooperation was created in 1998.

Yudhoyono to visit Iran, The Jakarta Post

3. The USA does not want indonesia to get too friendly with China or Russia.

On 9 July 2009, China launched its first Indonesia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.

(China Daily Website - Connecting China Connecting the World)

Trade between China and Indonesia in the first half of 2008 saw an increase of 34.6% over the same period of 2007.

Export from China to Indonesia were up 38.8%, while China imported USD 7852 million worth of goods, an increase of 30.6%.

(Indonesia-China Economic Relations: An Indonesian Perspective)

In 2006, Indonesia's President Yudhoyono visited Russia and signed a wide raft of bilateral agreements, including big new arms, energy and trade deals.

(Asia Times Online :: Southeast Asia news - Indonesia-Russia: Arms ...)

The CIA is active in Indonesia.


Dr George J. Aditjondro is the leading expert on Indonesian politics.

Aditjondro wrote, in October 2002, that Indonesia's military and business elites have very close ties to Israel and Mossad.

According to Aditjondro:

Indonesia, under Suharto, allowed Mossad to operate in Jakarta.

The Indonesian military have cooperated with Mossad.

This was confirmed by former security chief General Soemitro in his biography.

The Indonesian army special force Kopassus has been equipped with Israeli Uzi guns.

These Uzi machine guns were reportedly used in the massacre of hundreds of Muslim activists in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, on September 12, 1984, as well as in the assassination of the West Papuan artist and freedom fighter, Arnold Ap, on April 26, 1984

(Ramos-Horta, 1987: 148; Djopari, 1993: 129; Ramage, 1995: 37).

Kopassus admires the Israeli army.

A Kopassus publication, on view to the media in 2000, includes a chapter praising the typical Israeli Army commander.

The Indonesian air force has used US Skyhawk fighters, bought from Israel.

(Hoy and Ostrovsly, 1990: 123; Leifer, 1985: 156; Peacock, 1987; Warplane , No. 6, Vol. 1, pp. 101-105).

The Indonesian military has used Israeli-made Mazlat Scout pilotless drones.

(Far Eastern Economic Review , May 30, 1996).

A number of hi-tech Israeli companies have had business deals with a number of well-known Indonesian companies.

The Salim and Tamara Groups and the state-owned telecommunications company PT Telkom are among those which have business ties with Israel, indirectly.

Through these companies, Indonesian plywood, fine quality textiles and electronics have gone to Israel (Indonesia Business Weekly , March 11, 1994: 20).

Photo of a Dash 7 by Erez Werber

Wayne Madsen has pointed out a possible US-Israeli connection to the terrorism in Indonesia.

On 12 October 2002, bombs went off at the Sari Club in Bali, Indonesia.

Reportedly, an Israeli owned Dash-7 aircraft, registered in Australia, landed in Bali just hours before the bombings.

Reportedly an Israeli military team arrived at Denpasar Hospital in Bali just after the bombings and claimed the bodies of four white men in uniform.

Reportedly, these bodies were flown out of Bali on the Dash 7.

Reportedly, an Indonesian working for the CIA was at Kuta Beach the day before the 'terrorist' bombing.

aangirfan: Christian gangs and the military and terror in Indonesia

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