Friday, July 31, 2009

UK's Gary McKinnon has lost his appeal; time to boycott the shitty USA; UK institutions controlled by the CIA?

Gary McKinnon - Bloggers have vented their anger over the extradition decision

British hacker Gary McKinnon has lost his High Court bid to avoid extradition to the 'fascist-mafia' United States.

British hacker Gary McKinnon loses appeal against extradition to ...

US authorities want to try the 43-year-old, from London, for breaking into US military and Nasa computers in 2001 and 2002.

He has always said he was looking for documents on UFOs which he believed the US authorities had suppressed.

Gary has Asperger's Syndrome.

He faces up to 70 years in prison if convicted in the US

1. The UK's Extradition Act 2003 was designed to deal with so called 'terrorist suspects'.

Any British subject could end up in a US prison.

The Extradition Act has been applied in cases where terrorism has not been the main concern.

Under the act, America authorities are able to demand a Briton's extradition without having to provide evidence.

Some people might think that the UK Parliament appears to be a tool of the US government

2. Some people may now regard the European Court of Human Rights as being a tool of the Pentagon and the CIA.

( Hacker McKinnon loses appeal against extradition to US )

Gary McKinnon, a British computer nerd, hacked into dozens of US military computers.

He demonstrated that their security systems were 'crap'.

In 2002, he was caught as he tried to download what he thought was a photograph of an alien spacecraft from a Nasa computer.

He was easily caught because he used his own email address.

The US government, the government alleged to be behind most acts of terrorism such as the Lockerbie Bombing and 9 11, insists that McKinnon be extradited to the USA.

The UK House of Lords turned down McKinnon's appeal.

On 28 August 2008, McKinnon lost his appeal to the European court of human rights.

3. If extradited, McKinnon faces up to 70 years in prison.

He could be given 'enemy combatant' status, like the 'innocents' at Guantánamo Bay.

If the US government was behind the Lockerbie Bombing and 9 11, then some might argue that we should be grateful to people hacking into Pentagon computers.

It seems though that Gary McKinnon was looking for aliens rather than evidence of alleged Pentagon crimes.

Susman, the Zionist Jew who helps run Britain?

It would be good if the UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson could be booted out of parliament.

Alan Johnson defends MI5 as police launch probe into torture claim ...

It would be good if the USA's ambassador to the UK, the Zionist Louis Susman, could be booted out of the UK.

Allegedly, "Susman had been fined on ten occasions for illegal money laundering and arms trafficking using his Global Hedge Fund." (Cached)


If you meet an American or a Labour MP remember to tell them what you think of the Gary McKinnon case.


Anonymous said...

Everyone in the 'UK' should be very worried about this...

subrosa said...

Indeed they should FT. This shows how much we are in the control of the US.

Aangirfan, now my week is complete because I can study your posts later.

Franz said...

Good comments, but I would not be so naive as to think the UK government is doing anything but covering its own ass this time.

Whatever are these "UFOs" Gary McKinnon is getting so close to finding the truth about?

Italian researcher Renata Vesco, as far back as the 60s, discovered the obvious:

1. UFOs are not alien or beyond human comprehension.

2. UFOs are human creations. They are Cold War crafts of great secrecy.

3. UFOs are built and controlled by a consortium that covers three nations (as of Vesco's research 30 years ago.)

4. The three nations are: England (or Great Britain or UK depending on the age of the documents) Canada and the USA.

5. The Cold War was cover for the secret industries these three countries were hosting.

Vesco's work holds up. His main argument is put forth in INTERCEPT BUT DON'T SHOOT, the English edition of the Italian bestseller which came out in 1971.

Of course the Cold War is over and Vesco is dead. What has happened since is likely what Gary McKinnon has discovered. It's not at all off-point to note that NASA is a Cold War intelligence agency, despite NASA's public relations handouts about voyages of adventure and pure science. Those last were always cover stories-

The US, UK and Canada, at minimum, have Secret States that are effectively running their countries without oversight. Gary McKinnon, as one of their victims, needs to hear from ALL OF US who have had almost three generations of Secrecy and nothing but poverty, hatred and tyranny to show for it.

Make McKinnon a rallying point to collar these secret states and force them to give us some answers. UFO my ass, they're not unidentified to the governments - they built them!

Openmind said...

Now hold on one second you fucking fagy ass brits why don't you go sip some fucking tea and play withyourselves!! You made the choice to hack the government now your wining about IT! Actions have consequences!

Zach said...

I have Aspergers and I am in support of Gary McKinnon being extradited to the United States. There is a lesser known story out there of another hacker with aspergers being sentenced for hacking the US government. It shows how the US Judicial System will weigh in on Aspergers.

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