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Sex in Iran

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The Koran, copying the Jewish Old Testament, does not approve of sodomy.

But homosexual relationships between men and boys have generally been tolerated in the Islamic world.

And most Moslems, like most Christians, are friendly hospitable and liberal folks.

Janet Afary has written Sexual Politics in Modern Iran.

(The New York Review of Books)

Afary provides evidence that, in Iran, men have been allowed to "penetrate" boys, so long as the boys are young and beardless.

The Shah brought in some reforms.

Khomeini brought back the veil.

(And what might be considered to be Jewish Old Testament style punishments.)

Under Khomeini child marriage was allowed once more.

Now there are rumours about 'young boys and girls' gathering 'in front of Khamanei's residence and 'Khameni trips to Qazvin, a city famous for its big number of Pedophiles.'

In the early 17th century, Thomas Herbert was secretary to the English ambassador to Persia (Iran).

Herbert reported that at the court of Shah Abbas he saw, "Ganymede boys in vests of gold, rich bespangled turbans, and choice sandals, their curled hair dangling about their shoulders, with rolling eyes and vermilion cheeks."

John Chardin travelled through Persia at this time.

He reported that there were many boys available for sex, but no women.

John Fryer, who traveled to Persia in the late seventeenth century, was of the opinion that "The Persians, when they let go their modesty... covet boys as much as women."

In the late nineteenth century Richard Francis Burton referred to Central Asian pederasty as "the Persian vice."

According to Burton, Persian boys used each other for sexual pleasure, in a game known as alish-takish.

Later in life, after marrying and begetting children, "Paterfamilias returns to the Ganymede," according to Burton.

The late shah of Iran was rumoured to be bisexual.

'There were reports that a close male friend of the shah from Switzerland, a man who knew him from their student days in that country, routinely visited him.'

Prime minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda was said to have been a homosexual. (Cached)

Taxi drivers in Teheran will tell you that Ayatollah Khomeini was an MI6 agent and that Britain toppled the Shah. (aangirfan: 'The overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the CIA and MI6')

And then there are the stories about the Ayatollah and .....

The Koran (Qur'an) appears to see nothing wrong with men finding boys attractive. "And there shall wait on them (the Muslim men) youths of their own, as fair as virgin pearls." (Qur’an 52:24; 56:17; 76:19).

The Moslem jurist Ibn al-Jawzi (d. 1200) reportedly said that "He who claims that he feels no desire when looking at beautiful boys or youths is a liar, and if we could believe him he would be an animal, and not a human being."
(James T. Monroe, in Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature, p. 117)

There is no law against homosexuality in Egypt,Indonesia, Turkey....

"In 1885 Richard Burton came up with what he termed a 'Sotadic Zone' in which, he claimed, homosexuality was more prevalent than in other parts of the world.

The homo- erogenous zone supposedly covered most of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, stretching all the way to the Punjab and Kashmir."

During the early years of Islam, homosexuality was seemingly not regarded as a crime. (Islam and Ottoman Times ).

In the Moslem world, deep friendships between men were common and were seen as being acceptable. Ali, one of the members of Prophet Mohammed's family, had a deep friendship with Mohammed.

In 1001 Arabian Nights, there are stories about homosexual relationships.

In the Moslem Ottoman Empire, 1299- 1923, sleeping with boys 'was very common'.

In the hamams (baths) the tellaks (young boys who helped men to have a bath) would have sex with men.

In Ottoman Literature there are many poems written by male poets about boys. Sex with boys was not illegal and the sultans were engaged in sex with boys.

There was a palace for boys in Bursa. In this palace the sultan kept many young boys who served the men in the army. (Islam and Ottoman Times )

The Wounded Heart is an old Peshtun song:

"There is a boy across the river

With a bottom like a peach!

But alas! I cannot swim!"

"Women for breeding, boys for pleasure, but melons for sheer delight." [38]
(Aangirfan supports celibacy.)



Unknown said...

Wow, new source of knowledges for me... Because I thought Islam is very restricted about homosexuality... But I still remember there is a famous sheik had told that there is no homo in Islam country, homo is only in other world, such us in western countries, oriental countries, afro countries etc...

Anonymous said...

This blog is completely misleading. Sodomy in Islam is unacceptable. A person who is engaged in such an activity could be charged of being stoned to death.

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