Sunday, July 26, 2009


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Sarkozy seems to disagree with Obama over Iran.

Now Sarkozy seems to be unwell.

Sarkozy in hospital after 'minor' nerve attack

Obama seems to be prepared to do a deal with Iran.

France, and Britain, appear to be more opposed to Iran.

Brzezinski believes that Iran, not the Arab world, is the natural ally of US in the Middle East.

Obama is using the foreign policy ideas of Brzezinski, which call for using Islamic militants and Iran against China and Russia.

There "are reports in the US media about the convergence of interests between the US and Iran - on Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan - that warrant the US's acknowledgment of Iran's 'leadership role' in a new 'power bloc in the Middle East', to paraphrase USA Today...

"The Europeans tried to cause a regime change in Iran and they failed and it backfired against them and the US is now harvesting the benefits." - US closer to Iran as Europe drifts

Look at the headlines below:

Obama discredits Iran 'green light'

Dennis Blair: Iran Has Not Re-Started Its Nuclear Weapons Program

France's Sarkozy: Iran deserves better leadership

Nicholas Sarkozy condemns Iran

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