Thursday, July 30, 2009


Some East Germans were close to Russia in the past.

The USA must be unhappy with Germany.

Germany and Russia are making big business deals.

And Germany is the biggest power in Europe.

Germany and Russia were temporary friends at the start of World War II

According to an article in Newsweek, 25 july 2009, Germany Has Become Russia's Best Friend.

German technology will be used to modernise Russia's railway network.

Germany's E.On is buying up Russian gas fields.

Germany has become Russia's most important trading partner.

Germany is not wildly keen on U.S. plans for missile defense.

Germany is helping to block the eastward expansion of NATO.

Germany's leader, Angela Merkel, speaks Russian.

She has an East German background.

Angela's friend

Andreas Schockenhoff, deputy whip in the Bundestag for Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats, says: "We can build a bridge between the West and Russia, and end Russia's isolation."

In March 2009, Siemens announced it will link with Russia's Rosatom to build as many as a fifth of the world's nuclear power stations.

A consortium that includes Russian-controlled Sberbank and automaker GAZ is to take over take over General Motors' Opel.

Thierry Meyssan has written about the career of Merkel.

He points out: Merkel is a former communist propagandist in the former East Germany.

She may be linked to the neo-conservatives.

Article here: protean angela merkel


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