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The Jakarta hotel bombs could be the work of elements of the Indonesian military, in league with a foreign power?

In July 2006, Indonesia's Tempo Magazine informed its readers of the discovery of weapons and ammunition at the home of General Koesmayadi, who had died rather suddenly.

The weapons were enough to arm two companies of soldiers. (Brig. Gen. Koesmayadi.)

There were rumours that the weapons were to be used in a plot against President Yudhoyono.

"It is not unthinkable that they were to be used for a coup d’etat, sold, or channeled to separatist movements," said Yuddy Chrisnandi, a member of the House's Defense Commission.

According to Tempo Magazine: "Suspicions of a coup are based on the high level of rivalry within the TNI (the military), between those who support President Yudhoyono and those who oppose him."

General Prabowo and Megawati, who stood against General Yudhoyono in the 2009 presidential election, claim that 28.5 million votes for President Yudhoyono were invalid.

General Wiranto is also not happy with the election result as his group came third.

The campaign team of Megawati Sukarnoputri and Prabowo Subianto has lodged legal action demanding that the Constitution Court annul President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s victory and order new elections. - Mega Demands Showdown With SBY

Back in in May 1998, it was President Suharto who was in trouble.

Rumour had it that the army was split between supporters of General Wiranto and supporters of General Prabowo.

Word was that on the streets there were three rival forces: Wiranto’s tanks, Prabowo’s tanks and the tanks of the marines.

Reportedly Wiranto went to President Suharto on the evening of the 20th of May and told him that he, Suharto, no longer had the support of the army.

Allegedly Wiranto also spoke at some point to Habibie, who took over from Suharto, and insisted that Prabowo should be demoted.

Some weeks later there were press reports of a dramatic incident that allegedly happened late on the evening on May 21st, 1998.

According to a 'senior military official', General Prabowo, accompanied by troops, arrived at the presidential palace and demanded that he be made boss of the armed forces.

One report spoke of a loyal army officer helping Habibie and his family make their escape from the palace.

What we do know is that, on May the 22nd, Prabowo was sacked as head of Kostrad while Wiranto remained as chief of the armed forces.


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