Thursday, July 02, 2009

Piracy and the silence of the media

The media is keeping silent about the kidnap of US presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.

On June 30, 2009, Cynthia McKinney was aboard the Free Gaza Movement's ship Spirit of Humanity carrying Irish peace activist Mairead McGuire, medical supplies, cement, olive trees and children's toys, when it was seized by the Israeli Navy 18 mi (29 km) off the Gaza coast.

The Movement claims they were in international waters.

McKinney is being held in prison in Ramle.

US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire Speaks from Israeli Jail Cell After Arrest on Boat Delivering Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

The media is hiding the truth about Obama's coup:

"The US media has provided only minimal coverage of a real coup in Honduras.

"It has barely reported the police-state measures, arrests and beatings carried out by the Honduran military, and treated the anti-coup protests with utter indifference." - The Honduran coup: another US destabilization operation

The toppled Honduran president ... "has his fanatical supporters."

"Why does the BBC choose to use the word 'fanatical'?" - Covering (up) the coup in Honduras - the BBC does its bit for the Empire

"Sources close to Washington have confirmed that the Pentagon, through the military mission (military group) of the United States in Honduras, has been working with the military coupists involved in the coup d’├ętat against President Zelaya." - The test for Obama: The Pentagon is behind the coup d’├ętat in Honduras - with or without the approval of the White House?

The media supports the military in trying to increase child abuse?

"Our task now must be to create an entirely new profession of 'child helpers' who can reach out to every new child born on earth and help its parents give it love and independence...

" The success of parenting centers such as the one pioneered in Boulder, Colorado, for instance, has been astonishing.

"Through parenting classes and home visiting by paraprofessionals, they have measurably reduced child abuse, as shown by careful followup studies and by reduced police reports and hospital entrance rates.

"All this has been accomplished with very small monetary outlays, since these parent outreach centers operate mainly with volunteer labor, while it has the potential to save trillions of dollars annually in the costs of social violence, police enforcement, jails and other consequences of the widespread child abuse of today.

"Such a parent support movement would resemble the universal education movement of over a century ago...


Air France Plane Didn't Break Up in Flight, Investigators Say

Daily Mail article: Gary McKinnon's fit-up. The Justice Con (incl. The Fit-Up)

Corrupt election campaign unfolds in US-occupied Afghanistan

China's banks are an accident waiting to happen to every one of us

Rolling Stone expose: Goldman Sachs behind every market crash since 1920s

UK ID Card Scheme Has Not Been Defeated

The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S.

CIA vows 'dreadful revenge' on France over plans to ban the burqa

Trendy teaching is 'producing a generation of history numbskulls'

Al-Qaeda Are Pawns Of The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex

‘US trains Jundullah members’

CIA ‘black sites’ won’t be dismantled


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