Friday, July 10, 2009

Operating System

"Google's operating system, based on the freely available Linux software, will be an alternative to the dominant Microsoft Windows operating system, now powering 97 per cent of the world’s computers.

"While Microsoft derived some 45 per cent of its $22.5bn of operating profits last year from its operating system, Chrome OS will be free to users.

"Its importance to Google is that it could serve as a platform to drive more users to its web services, feeding its dominant search advertising business." - Google OS created over Schmidt's objection

No deal on Honduras talks

High Stakes in Honduras

He was the police chief.

He has been indicted on charges of having illegal sexual acts with a girl between the ages of 12 and 14 over a two-year period. - Indictment among saga of troubles

A British diplomat in Russia has resigned after reportedly being filmed having sex with two prostitutes - I'm delighted I dumped the dirty diplomat / British Diplomat Quits Amid Sex Tape Scandal

New 7/7 Bombing Photo Contradicts Official Story

‘US finances anti-Iran terrorist gang’

"Obama worked for Business Group International which the NYT reported was a CIA front company." - Obama's Mother,Indonesia and the CIA

Six months later, no reconstruction in Gaza

Canadian Doctor: H1N1 Vaccination a Eugenics Weapon for Mass Extermination


Sarkozy: Unilateral Israeli attack on Iran would be ‘catastrophe’

Australian TV Exposes 'Stranded Polar Bear' Global Warming Hoax

Robert McNamara deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, documents show

Obama’s Rollback Strategy: Honduras, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan


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