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Noordin Top

The name of Malaysian born Noordin Top, of Jemaah Islamiyah, has been linked to the July 2009 Jakarta hotel bombs.

(Malaysia fugitive terrorist linked to Jakarta's suicide bombing)

Reportedly, the police found handwritten notes, a cell phone and a bomb in room 1808 of the Marriott, where the bombers had reportedly lived for several days.

Reportedly, one of the men who checked into room 1808 had told a hotel receptionist his name was "Noordin."

(Indonesia suspects fugitive terrorist in bombings - Yahoo! News)

So, the stupid terrorists or patsies provided the police with lots of evidence.

Former Indonesian president, Abdurrahman Wahid was saying in 2005 of the Bali bombings:
“The orders to do this or that came from within our armed forces… There is not a single Islamic group … that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence.”

Jemaah Islamiyah is thought to have been set up by the American trained Indonesian military.

1. "Southeast Asia's most wanted terror suspect, Noordin Top, may have evaded a massive manhunt and fled Indonesia...

"Top is accused of directing the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings and three other attacks on Western targets in Indonesia that have together killed more than 240 people...

"Noordin Top is believed to head a breakaway faction of Jemaah Islamiyah committed to al-Qaida style attacks." - AP: Asia Terror suspect may have fled Indonesia

2. So-called al Qaida terrorists often manage to escape.

It is suspected that they work for the CIA and its friends.

aangirfan: Al-Badawi, Al-Faruq and Aswat - all working for the security services...

3. Noordin is thought to have masterminded the 2003 JW Marriott hotel bombing in Jakarta.

Some people suspect the CIA and its friends are linked to the Marriott bomb.

"Something interesting happened just hours before the explosion shocked the JW Marriott Hotel, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta. The US Embassy cancelled the booking of 10-20 rooms in that hotel." -Prison Do You Have the Knowledge to Escape?

4. On April 29, 2006 Noordin Top narrowly escaped capture after his safe-house was raided by heavily armed Indonesian police in Binangun, Central Java.

The British military, the American military and the Indonesian military have long used the Moslem extremists to promote their right-wing agenda.

"Cabinet papers show that British spies, including MI6, supported Islamic guerrillas in order to destabilise Sukarno."

(Revealed: Healey admits role in British dirty tricks campaign to overthrow Indonesia's President Sukarno, By Paul Lashmar and James Oliver, The Independent - 16 April 2000 The Secret State: MI5 (Home Office/MoD), The Security Service and ...)

Indonesian special forces regiment Kopassus is trained by the Americans.

Kopassus 'set up a Moslem terror group called Komando Jihad.'

According to Dr Damien Kingsbury, head of philosophical, political and international studies at Deakin University: "Kopassus... has engaged in... hostage rescue missions. The first was in 1981, when a Garuda aircraft was hijacked.... Kopassus... set up the Islamic organisation Komando Jihad that hijacked the plane in 1981 and which has since emerged as Jemaah Islamiah."

We must not get back in bed with Kopassus -

Jakarta human-rights activist Bonar Naipospos told Asia Times Online: "General Suparman is one of the generals who was behind the extremist Jihad groups. He set up militias composed of gangsters and religious fanatics to counter student demonstrations in 1998. One of these militias, Pram Swarkasa, became the embryo of Laskar Jihad."

Asia Times We must not get back in bed with Kopassus -

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