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China by Stougard

China appears to have some sort of empire, which could be said to include such countries as Cambodia, Burma, Zimbabwe and Tibet.

1. China is influential in Cambodia.

In 1981, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said, "I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pot."

The US, he said, "winked publicly" as China sent arms to the Khmer Rouge. (Uncle Sam and Pol Pot)

China is becoming a major investor in Cambodia.

A huge inflow of Chinese money could 'fuel existing corruption and exploitation in one of the world's poorest countries'. (China's Growing Presence in Cambodia)

2. Some people see Burma as being almost a province of China.

Although it should be noted that India and other countries carry on much trade with Burma.

China is developing two big projects in partnership with Burma's military government.

The first is a pipeline linking the gas fields off Burma’s southwest coast with China.

A parallel oil pipeline will allow Chinese tankers from the Middle East and Africa to offload their cargoes off Burma.

The second project involves a series of dams on the upper Irrawaddy River in Burma and connecting them to the Chinese power grid.

(In Burma, China's Presence Grows)

China's rulers are not so happy with the Burmese heroin that enters China.

3. Chinese workers have moved to Africa.

Reportedly, Chinese soldiers can be found in the Sudan and Ethiopia.

(China's accidental empire is a growing danger Bill Emmott.)

Some of the places where China has oil interests. Tuesday Map: China's oil empire FP Passport

4. China-Zimbabwe relations date back to 1979 when Robert Mugabe persuaded China to support him. [1]

China, of course, is not the only backer of Zimbabwe.

Billy Rautenbach, a crony of Robert Mugabe, having reportedly been involved in pillaging the Congo is now reportedly pillaging Zimbabwe. (Cached)

Rautenbach, reportedly, has Jewish origins. (Cached)

China has become the biggest buyer of Zimbabwean tobacco.

Zimbabwe buys large amounts of military equipment from China.

China is interested in Zimbabwe's supply of platinum.[5]

In June 2009, Zimbabwe’s prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, said that an official had secured lines of credit worth $950 million from China.

Tsvangirai Says China Is Lending Zimbabwe $950 Million -

Chinese firms have contributed equipment to eavesdrop on telephone conversations.

China supplied a blue tile ceiling for Mr. Mugabe’s mansion in Harare.

According to The New York Times, (Zimbabwe's future: Made in China - The New York Times) "China won a contract to farm 1,000 square kilometers, or 386 square miles, of land seized from white chas ommercial farmers during the land-confiscation program begun by Mugabe in 2000."

5. Tibet could be considered to be a Chinese colony.

There have been times when China and Tibet were separate countries.

However, in 1950, China invaded Tibet.

6. China is becoming more influential in Sri Lanka.

The recent victory of the Sri Lankan Government over the Tamil Tigers was assisted by the supply of arms from China.

7. Chinese engineers are building a port at Gwadar in Pakistan.

8. The Chinese are in Iraq.

"The state-run China National Petroleum Corporation has become the first foreign company to start work in an Iraqi oil field after a gap of 30 years.

"CNPC has launched work on a $3 billion old field development project at the Al-Ahdab oilfield in Iraq’s eastern province of Wasit." (China allowed into Iraq oil fields. )

9. The Chinese are influential throughout South East Asia.

"The Chinese make up only 3 per cent of Indonesia's population. But they control much of the wealth - about three quarters of the dominant conglomerates are Chinese-controlled." (Special report: 'The overseas Chinese' by Simon Long Prospect.)

The Chinese are very influential in the business worlds in such countries as Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.


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