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Manchester United, graft wars and the Udayana Military Command

Reportedly, Laskar Jihad were trained, near Bogor, by the Indonesian military.

A new blog claims to detail the methods and reasons for the recent terrorist attacks on two Jakarta hotels.

(Police to investigate 'Noordin's' blog)

Indonesian police spokesman Brig. Gen. Sulistyo Ishak said police were investigating the authenticity of the blog ‘Bushro’


The blog claims that the JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton bombings were part of the mujahidin against "the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry" as well as The Manchester United Football team.

No Americans were killed in the recent Jakarta hotel bombings.

Most of the top generals in Indonesia were trained in the USA.

No members of the Manchester United Football team were killed.

British football is very popular in Indonesia.

But, three Australians were killed in the hotel bombings.

The Indonesian military has not forgiven Australia for its intervention in East Timor.

Indonesia's 'Udayana Military Command' used to supervise East Timor and it has had its HQ in Bali.

It has been suggested that certain people within the Udayana Military Command might know quite a lot about the deaths of all those Australians in Bali.

Former Australian senior defense analyst Paul Monk notes that, "the Udayana Regiment ... is heavily involved in protection scams and turf struggles over the Bali tourist industry.

"It also has a reputation for human-rights abuses in East Timor and Papua."

([Kabar-Irian] Irian News - 10/23/02)

There is a long history of terror being used by sections of the Indonesian military


Gary LaMoshi, at Asia Times, 8 October 2004, pointed out the links between terrorism and the Indonesian military:

"Violence against civilians for political purposes has long been part of Indonesia's military arsenal.

"Under ... former president Suharto's New Order... sometimes soldiers themselves terrorized civilians, and sometimes they outsourced, generally to secular thugs, as in East Timor.

"But the military also has used Islamic radicals for political purposes.

"At the dawn of military rule in 1965, the junta tapped Muslim organizations to help kill hundreds of thousands of alleged communists...

"Before the 1977 elections, generals duped radical Muslims into reviving the militia group Darul Islam...

"Elections in June 1999 produced a reformist president, Abdurrahman Wahid, who tried to curb the armed forces' political influence.

"Coincidentally, there was a surge of violence around the archipelago from which the military (TNI) stood to benefit both politically - as guardian of national stability - and materially, by supplying arms to combatants and collecting protection money from affected civilians and businesses.

"Radical Islamic thugs even were recruited into graft wars between police and the military, which had been under the same command during the Suharto era.

"Groups such as the Islamic Defenders Front denounced vice then ransacked nightspots that failed to pay off their uniformed sponsors.

"White-robed vigilantes smashing liquor bottles garnered extensive media coverage, but no punishment, helping to establish a climate that made religious violence seem not just acceptable but attractive and even heroic.

"The International Crisis Group and other sources found military links galore in clashes between Christians and Muslims in Central Sulawesi and the Malukus that began in 1999 and killed thousands.

"Islamic militia group Laksar Jihad received military training and supplies as it recruited thousands of warriors for the Muslim side, expanding and escalating local skirmishes. Top military commanders ignored presidential orders to stop jihadis and arms from reaching conflict zones...

"Indonesia suffered repeated bombings during Wahid's term.

"Many blasts preceded Suharto's scheduled court appearances on corruption charges that were ultimately dropped because of his alleged poor health.

"A September 2000 car bomb at the Jakarta Stock Exchange killed 15.

Arrests nabbed ... two members of the military's elite Kopassus commandos..."


The criminal justice sytem in Indonesia is said to be corrupt and evil. (Plight of shoeshine boys )

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