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Kopassus, Cilacap and the Jakarta hotel bombs.

Koppasus special forces. Image from:

Kopassus is the Indonesian special forces regiment.

Some people suspect that the American-trained Kopassus is behind the 'terrorism' in Indonesia.

Kopassus was at one time run by General Prabowo, rival to president Yudhoyono.

Kopassus has a song: "Dari Bandung ke Cilacap".

Kopassus trains in Cilacap.

Alleged Jakarta hotel bomber Noordin Top has family in the town of Cilacap.

Cilacap is seven hours by train from Jakarta.

Kopassus trains in Cilacap. The alleged Jakarta hotel bombers come from Cilacap

On 24 July 2009, we learn from TEMPO Interactive about Ahmadi, 39, alias Ahmad Jenggot.

Ahmadi comes from Cilacap.

He is a chicken farmer and does not have a family certificate or ID card. This could suggest that he may be a poor, and poorly educated, villager.

Reportedly, Ahmadi has given himself up to the authorities and admitted that he had been prepared by Noordin Top for 'a suicide bombing.'

A Chicken Farmer Prepared for Suicide Bombing

Ahmadi's friend Saefudin Zuhri was arrested before the recent hotel bombings; and he is also from Cilacap.

Zuhri reportedly fought in Afghanistan in the CIA's jihad operation. (Regular trips to Jakarta point to bomb suspect)

Bahrudin Latif is also from Cilacap.

He is the 'father-in-law' of Noordin Top.

Some weeks before the Jakarta hotel bombings, the police claimed they found two bombs wrapped in a blue plastic bag in the back yard of Bahrudin's house.

Many of the security staff in Jakarta are off-duty members of the military.

Reportedly, a Mr Aziz took a suitcase into the Marriott hotel.

(Inside information from flower seller who had run of five-star hotels)

The suitcase was not checked through an X-ray machine or subjected to any scrutiny.

All the Marriott's four vapour detectors, which are used to look for explosives, 'were out of order'.

The reception staff could not make a copy of his Indonesian identification card 'because the two photocopying machines at the front desk were unavailable.'

Could this be an inside-job?

The Pentagon's friend General Prabowo headed Kopassus

A series of 38 church bombings on Christmas Eve, 2000, killed 19 people in 11 Indonesian cities.

(Source: Kopassus)

Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) was blamed.

However, in February 2001, the respected Indonesian newsweekly Tempo published a cover story suggesting links between the bombings and the Indonesian military, the TNI.

The article pointed out that Edi Sugiarto, who was quickly arrested and confessed to assembling 15 of the bombs used in the town of Medan, has long run a car repair shop in the province of Aceh, where a separatist group named GAM has been fighting for many years.

Members of TNI and Indonesia’s special forces, Kopassus, regularly went to his shop for repairs and just to hang out.

As a result, GAM claimed he was a TNI lackey and burned down his shop and house in 1997.

Phone records also indicated that Sugiarto called Fauzi Hasbi seven times before the bombings.

Hasbi is a leader of JI, but Tempo outed him as an Indonesian government mole.

In 2005, two years after Hasbi’s death, the Australian television program SBS Dateline provided additional evidence of Hasbi’s long-time links to the TNI.

Fasbi also called Jacob Tanwijaya, a businessman well connected with the TNI, 35 times.

That businessman in turn talked on the phone to Lt. Col. Iwan Prilianto, a Kopassus special forces intelligence officer, over 70 times. (Source: Kopassus)

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