Friday, July 24, 2009

In Britain, the Health Service is as badly managed as the High Street.

In Britain, the Health Service is as badly managed as the High Street.

In the UK, about 15% of High Street shops will be empty by the end of 2009, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has predicted. (Empty shop premises 'to hit 15%')

I suspect that one reason why Woolworths closed down was because people hated having to queue at the check out.

In my local Woolworths there was usually only one girl at the check out area.

I am getting used to long waits.

If I buy flowers in my local Tesco supermarket there is usually a long wait in the check out queue.

There are four tills but often only one is in use.

In Boots the chemist, and WH Smith the bookshop and Marks and Spencer the clothing store there are not enough people at the check outs.

At our local health centre, a giant new building, there are vast numbers of bureaucrats.

There are not enough doctors but there are loads of receptionists.

The last two times I wanted to make an appointment to see my doctor I had to wait three weeks.

That was before swine flu came along.

I have not yet met anyone who has had swine flu.

In the UK, the head of the Royal College of General Practitioners has said that at its worst, the flu pandemic will hit 30% of the population, of whom 0.3 per cent might die.

In the UK, 6,000 people a year die of normal flu.

On 24 July 2009, Simon Jenkins (SIMON JENKINS: Britain is losing its sense of proportion over swine flu) writes in the UK Daily Mail:

"I have family and friends who have had swine flu...

"All the victims found the flu less severe and certainly briefer than a bad cold.

"Most confirm that the one thing not to take is Tamiflu.

"I do not want to dent the soaring profits of Roche pharmaceuticals, but most I spoke to found the Tamiflu side- effects, of bad dreams, nausea and irritability, far worse than the illness...

"I have lost three acquaintances to avoidable hospitalinduced infection in the past year.

"Last week a friend had to wait seven hours after a bicycle accident to have a shattered arm set...

"I would like to know how many people will die of heart attacks, meningitis, MRSA and delayed cancer treatment while health politicians play Whitehall games with flu..."

In the UK, managers are often incompetent and are usually paid too much.

This is certainly true in areas such as health and education.

Research by Britain's General Union (GMB) showed that directors and chief executives earned an average of £214,000 per year. (UK company directors' average wage is 20 times higher than lowest ...)

Check-out staff earn about £12,200 per year.

We should get rid of some of the managers and appoint more doctors and more and better paid check out staff.


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subrosa said...

Super comparison. I wonder how much the head of Scotland's NHS is paid. Tried to find out but to no avail. I'll try again later.

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Salaries of NHS directors:

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