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My nearest Moslem neighbour does not attend a mosque and his daughters wear mini skirts.

Are the USA and its allies in Afghanistan because certain Moslems are dangerous?

Are Moslems taking over Europe?

Newsweek, 11 July 2009, gives us some facts about Moslems.

Dispelling the Myth of Eurabia

1. Muslims, reportedly, make up about 5% of the population of Europe.

2. New controls will likely slow Muslim immigration.

3. The birthrate for Muslim immigrants is likely to continue to decline.

Reportedly, fertility rates among Turkish-born women in the Netherlands fell from 3.2 in 1990 to 1.9 in 2005.

Reportedly, fertility rates among Moroccan-born women in the Netherlands fell from 4.9 in 1990 to 2.9 in 2005.

4. Reportedly, there are no powerful Muslim political movements in Europe.

Divisions separate Sunnis and Shiites.

(Moroccans may disagree with Algerians. Bangladeshis may not be very fond of Pakistanis.)

5. According to a recent Gallup poll, more than 30% of French Muslims accept homosexuality.

Almost 50% of French Muslims believe sex between unmarried people is morally acceptable.

6. Polls show that Muslims overwhelmingly disapprove of terrorism.

7. A government survey shows that 40% of Iranians living in Germany say they have no religion.

In the Netherlands, only 27% of Muslims are regular attenders of mosques.

BUT, are Moslems involved in criminal activity?

1. Reportedly, the Syrian 'arms and drugs dealer' Monzer al- Kassar was a business associate of Lt Colonel Oliver North.

Al-Kassar was also 'closely aligned with Rifat Assad, brother of Syrian dictator Hafez Assad'.

Reportedly, in 1988, drugs from the Lebanon were being smuggled through Cyprus and Frankfurt into the United States, using Pan Am flights.

Reportedly, the CIA and Monzer al-Kassar were involved in this drugs smuggling.


An internal investigation by Pan Am is believed to have found that the bomb planted on Pan Am Flight 103 was put on the plane during a stop-over in Frankfurt, and not in Malta by the Libyan suspects, as alleged by the prosecution in the Lockerbie trial.

The Pan Am report is believed to have concluded that the bomb was not aimed at the killing of Americans in general, but was targeted specifically to kill a small band of DIA operatives that had uncovered a drugs ring run by a "rogue" CIA unit in Lebanon.

Trail of the Octopus -- From Beirut to Lockerbie -- Inside the DIA ...

2. Former UK cabinet minister Michael Meacher wrote on 22 July 2004:

Omar Sheikh is... the man who, on the instructions of General Mahmoud Ahmed, the then head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), wired $100,000 before the 9/11 attacks to Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker.

It is extraordinary that neither Ahmed nor Sheikh have been charged and brought to trial on this count. Why not?

Ahmed, the paymaster for the hijackers, was actually in Washington on 9/11, and had a series of pre-9/11 top-level meetings in the White House, the Pentagon, the national security council, and with George Tenet, then head of the CIA, and Marc Grossman, the under-secretary of state for political affairs.

When Ahmed was exposed by the Wall Street Journal as having sent the money to the hijackers, he was forced to "retire" by President Pervez Musharraf. Why hasn't the US demanded that he be questioned and tried in court?


3. Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

George W. Bush's father was meeting with Osama bin Laden's brother, Shafig bin Laden, in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington, on the morning of 9/11.

They were on Carlyle Group business just a few miles from where hijackers supposedly acting on behalf of Osama bin Laden would fly a plane into the Pentagon.

Recall that the chief financier of the so-called hijackers, Pakistan's Chief Spy General Mahmoud Ahmad, was meeting with Bush administration officials the week before 9/11. He also met with Bob Graham and Porter Goss on the morning of the attacks, who would later go on to head the first 9/11 investigative committee.


According to Professor John Metzger of Michigan State University:

"We should revisit the history of BCCI, a bank used by the legendary Palestinian terrorist known as Abu Nidal. BCCI was closely tied to American and Pakistan intelligence.

"Its clients included the Afghan rebels, and the brother of Osama bin Laden, Salem.

"Salem bin Laden named Houston investment broker James R. Bath as his business representative in Texas, right after George W. Bush's father became CIA director in 1976.

"By 1977, Bath invested $50,000 into junior's first business, Arbusto Energy, while Osama bin Laden would soon become a CIA asset.

"George W. Bush's FBI director Robert Mueller was part of the Justice Department's questionable investigation of BCCI. (On BCCI, the bin Ladens, and the Bushes, see the books, The Outlaw Bank, A Full Service Bank, and Fortunate Son)."


4. The July 29 edition of FOX News Channel's Day Side programme revealed that the so called mastermind of the 7/7 London Bombings, Haroon Rashid Aswat, is a British Intelligence Asset. Former Justice Dept. prosecutor and Terror expert John Loftus revealed that the so called Al-Muhajiroun group, based in London had formed during the Kosovo crisis, during which Fundamentalist Muslim Leaders (Or what is now referred to as Al Qaeda) were recruited by MI6 to fight in Kosovo.

Loftus stated that "...back in the late 1990s, the leaders all worked for British intelligence in Kosovo. Believe it or not, British intelligence actually hired some Al-Qaeda guys to help defend the Muslim rights in Albania and in Kosovo. That's when Al-Muhajiroun got started."

We have previously revealed how former MI5 officer David Shayler has alleged, and French intel sources have corroborated, that the MI6 paid a Libyan al-Qa'ida cell £100,000 in 1995 to assassinate colonel Qaddafi.




Callighan said...

Holy moses.. some of those Pakistani girls are hot.
Ssssmmokin' hot.
H.o.t., I tell ya!

Unknown said...

The problem is not how bad moslems, but the problem is how bad is Islam! As you know Moslem is teached by Islam and as you know the Koran write only Islam is the rightous religion, the other religions is absolutely and clearly written and mentioned to be false religions by the Koran! This is insane, because through this verse of Islam Koran is meant that Islam is pretend to be GOD for all religions and Islam can easily brand and blame any others religions to be false, and while the Molsems are thought that Islam is only rightous religion but many Moslems are doing sins too. Come on do not be too naif Islam! Second, Islam teach the Moslem to make war to whom ever who war on Islam, this is such a selfish and cruel teachings of Islam! You now even Christ, Budha Sidharta, Hindu Priests, confucious priests, and many other religions or great teachings avoid war in all reason and others religions teach to love our enemy, our neighbourhood, and to all living creature! The Other Religions does not absolutely and clearly like Islam write in their holybook that Another religion is false. Other religions follower just convinced and confess their religion is true by their strong heart, without mentioned in their holybook of another religion except Islam that another religions or Islam is the false religions. But only Islam is absolutely and clearly write and point that other religion is falsed on their holybook, koran! Islam is called others religion "Kafeer"! So the conclusion is there are no religion that may blame another religion because religion is NOT GOD Himself, religion is just the way to GOD Himself! And Second the good religion does not teach war or jihad although they are being attacked! This is the essence of religion that should bring peace no matter what has happened against that religion! But Islam is different! Any form of writings, articles, news, even human actions that being indicated against Islam by Islam Rules then those are against Islam should be war by Moslem (Islam Follower)! These are a little part of the cruelty and brutal from Islam! Maybe Islam think that Islam can not be shaked or commented by another religion follower through our rights of expression, and this is a selfish, cruel and brutal mind of Islam too if freedom of expression is being interpretated to offense Islam! The last, according to Islam's verse that mentioned another religions is Kafeer or false, this is meant Islam through Moslem has no respect to Human Rights! This is it, may we can learn from many great teachings that religion and its follower are not GOD Himself so there are no reason from us to judge others religion about their true or false, because religions and its followers is just way to GOD Himself only GOD Himself can judge true or false on the end of the days!

dapperdrake said...

UK ISLAMIST spokesterrorist calls for the Queen to be PROSECUTED FOR GENOCIDE!
Welfare-recipient and Islamic extremist, Anjem Choudary, enraged MPs yesterday by accusing British troops of wiping out the civilian population in Afghanistan and said it was Her Majesty's fault because she is "the head of this country."In an internet rant to fellow extremist Muslims, they declare: "She is the one who applauds her sons and daughters to go out and massacre hundreds and thousands of innocent people."


dapperdrake said...

Muslim immigration into the UK has left a trail of rape victims, but
as long as the political elite place a higher value on multiculturalism,
Britain's women will just have to keep taking one for the team! http://theopinionator.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/02/british-women-girls-pay-high-price-for-multiculturalism.html

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