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India is starting to use the word 'gay'? (

In much of Asia, males often have intimate friendships with males, and females with females, but this behaviour is not given a name or label.

With males, same-sex sexual behavior usually does not involve effeminate behaviour and usually does not involve penetration.

(Gay India 2001-03: Many Faces, Secret Traditions and Bold New Times)

The word 'gay' is a Western invention.

It may be part of the 'divide and rule' agenda?

It was the British who made 'gay' behaviour illegal in India.

Now things may be changing in India.

Gay sex has been declared 'not criminal' in India

Life may become easier for Indians. "There are an incredible number of gay men and women who have found themselves in loveless marriages, arranged or otherwise forced by whispering relatives to deny their very selves." - Gay days for India Poorna Shetty

Gay sex was widespread in India before the British arrived. Temple of Visvanatha, Khajuraho, India.

Behaviour that would be labeled 'gay' in America is not labeled 'gay' in India or Pakistan.

Some quotes:

"Prem is 26, married, and has a young son.

"He does not call himself homosexual; the word gay he doesn't understand, not having access to English.

"Nor does he see anything wrong with what he does. He is just 'messing about.'

"He remembers his first sexual experience with his uncle back in his home village. He was 12." - Gay India 2001-03: Many Faces, Secret Traditions and Bold New Times

Mohammed, 42: "So when I am hot and don’t have enough money, then I know several men who I can have 'maasti' with. A lot of my friends do this."

(Maasti is a Hindi term which means mischief and often has sexual overtones when it is used between young men.) - Gay India 2001-03: Many Faces, Secret Traditions and Bold New Times

"About three-quarters (72%) of truck drivers in North Pakistan who participated in a recent survey ... admitted that they have sex with other males."

The idea that there are Gay Indians and Straight Indians may be part of the divide and rule agenda.

According to S. Asthana and R. Oostvogels in The social construction of male homosexuality' in India (Published in 'Social Science & Medicine', vol 52 2001):

"Indian culture is highly homosocial and displays of affection, body contact and the sharing of beds between men is socially acceptable (Kahn, 1994)

"This creates opportunities for sexual contact, though sexual behavior in this context is rarely seen as real sex, but as play.

"Much of this same-sex sexual activity begins in adolescence between school friends and within family environments and is non-penetrative.

"Young men who cultivate such relationships do not consider themselves to be 'homosexual' but conceive their behavior in terms of sexual desire, opportunity and pleasure…

"Given the constant expectation that a man will eventually marry and produce sons, he can enter in same-sex sexual relations without challenging his masculine sense of self…"


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