Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Daily Mail asks: Did MI5 kill the UK Government weapons expert Dr David Kelly?

The UK's Daily Mail, on 16 July 2009, asks Did MI5 kill the UK Government weapons expert Dr David Kelly?

Here are some of the points made in the Mail article:

1. The UK government produced a dossier claiming that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction which could be activated in 45 minutes.

Dr David Kelly told a journalist that the dossier had been 'sexed up'.

2. On 17 July 2003, Dr Kelly was found dead half a mile from his family home in Oxfordshire in the UK.

An unopened letter from someone in the UK government lay on the desk in his study.

Reportedly, the letter was designed to silence him.

Reportedly, Kelly's bosses had discovered that he was preparing to write a book about his work.

3. A new film, Anthrax War, asserts that Dr Kelly had spent hours writing a book.

The film, by New York-based Bob Coen, claims that Dr Kelly, head of biological defence at the military research establishment at Porton Down, was the brains behind much of the West's germ warfare programmes.

Coen says Kelly had links to illegal human experiments on British servicemen at Porton Down, which led to an investigation by Wiltshire Police.

Police officers recommended charges against some scientists, but dropped this idea a few days after Kelly was found dead.

4. Computers in Kelly's house linked him to UK and foreign spy agencies, including Mossad.

Since 1995, Kelly had worked as an advisor for Mossad, with the agreement of the UK government.


5. Twelve other top micro-biologists linked with germ warfare research have died in the past decade.

Five of them were Russians who were investigating claims that the Israelis were working on viruses to target Arabs.

The plane taking them from Tel Aviv to Siberia was shot down on October 2001 by an 'off-course' Ukrainian missile.

Dr Kelly knew the victims.

Five weeks later, Dr Benito Que, an infectious diseas expert known to Dr Kelly, died suddenly in Miami.

He had been investigating how a virus like HIV could be genetically engineered into a biological weapon.

His family say he had been struck on the head.

Ten days later, Dr Don Wiley, a top microbiologists and friend of Dr Kelly, disappeared.

He had a contract to make a vaccine against the killer Ebola fever and other such germs.

A month later his body was found and there was evidence of severe head injuries. His death was ruled 'accidental'.

6. At 3.30 pm, Dr Kelly went out for a walk.

At 2.30 pm, a senior policeman had sat down at his computer at Police headquarters in Oxfordshire.

He had begun to produce a file entitled Operation Mason, which was about the search for Dr Kelly.

Dr Kelly's body was found at 8.30am by volunteer searchers.

At 8am, three officers from MI5's Technical Assessment Unit were at his house.


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