Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Ayatollahs and the CIA

The Ayatollahs seem to be split between those who work for the CIA and those who don't.

Hossein Shariatmadari is editor-in-chief of Iran's Kayhan newspaper.

Shariatmadari is a close pal of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Shariatmadari, in an editorial, writes: "It has to be asked whether the actions of [Mousavi and his supporters] are in response to instructions of American authorities."

Shariatmadari has now declared that opposition leader Mousavi has committed "terrible crimes", including "co-operating with foreigners and acting as America's fifth column".

The Association of Researchers and Teachers of Qum has called the presidential election and the new government illegitimate.

Leading Clerics Defy Ayatollah on Disputed Iran Election

Ayatollah's aide accuses Iran opposition leader of being US agent

According to an item at

"In 1964, after Khomeini was arrested by SAVAK, the CIA arranged for Khomeini to stay at a safe house in the Iraqi Shi'a holy city of Najaf.

"The CIA's man in Iraq, Saddam Hussein, permitted the CIA to protect Khomeini with a number of CIA Iranian-born security agents.

"Eventually, Khomeini out stayed his welcome in Iraq and he moved, along with some CIA agents on his personal staff, to a villa outside of Paris.

"Khomeini would be grateful to the CIA later. When the CIA conspired to eject Carter from office, Iran would, along with Israel, be the perfect allies...

"The Reagan-Bush-Casey team charter(ed) the SS Poet to deliver weapons to Iran..."

- The CIA had long maintained an association with Iran's Shi'a holy leader, Ayatollah Khomeini...

aangirfan: The Shah of Iran was toppled by the CIA and MI6?


The most important spooks are not given any publicity...

The World's Best Newspaper?


Anonymous said...

I have done extensive research on this subject and can safely confirm that your later part of your article is disinformation dare I say pure lie. I am sure you will realise that you may have fallen victom to Israeli disinfomation.

Unknown said...

Mr. Anonymous... you are lieing...the article written is correct, it just needs more proof..continue your research,and speak the TRUTH for the sake of ALLAH. The proof is that the US, and UK both openly said that they orchestrated and funded the Islamic Revolution of Iran. They didnt mention it was ISRAELI orders..Please watch:

Zara said...

In reference to the first comment, you can certainly dare to say that the latter part of the article was a 'pure lie', but unless you can qualify your statement with some evidence it's nothing more than unsubstantiated, dare I say, pure drivel.

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