Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Aristocrat

The Making of Miranda (2009), by Miranda Ponsonby, is the true story of Rhodri Davies (an aristocrat)

Six feet tall Rhodri has been a big game hunter, a soldier with the Life Guards and a gentleman farmer.

Rhodri's home contains pictures of Rhodri's two sons at Eton, and pictures of Rhodri riding behind the Queen in Whitehall and Rhodri on the polo field.

At his private school Rhodri had sex with boys.

Rhodri played polo with Prince Philip.

Rhodri reports that Ronald Ferguson, the father of Prince Andrew's former wife Sarah Ferguson, introduced Rhodri to a very posh bordello called Ma Feathers.

Rhodri married and he and his family lived in a manor house which had a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Rhodri then had a sex-change operation and called herself Miranda.

Miranda had a relationship with 'Harold', an Oxford don.

Harold, apparently unaware that Miranda was born male, proposed to Miranda.

They split up when Miranda began training to be a nurse at Guy’s Hospital.


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