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Arthur English as his 'Spiv' character

Is your country's leader a saint or a CIA asset?

Is your leader working for God or organised crime?

David Cameron could be the next leader of the UK.

Is he a bit of a fake, like, allegedly, Bush, Blair, Obama and many others?

David Cameron

PETER OBORNE in the Daily Mail, 11 July 2009, writes: Amoral spiv or true traditional Tory? Will the REAL Cameron please stand up

Among the points made:

1. Cameron is a bit of a spiv.

2. Osborne writes: "This is someone who is at ease with the more louche elements of London's media world and who, before entering Parliament, worked in corporate affairs for the controversial media mogul Michael Green."

(Reportedly, Green is Jewish and has East European origins)

3. Cameron privately boasts that he is the 'heir to Blair'.

(Allegedly, Blair is a war criminal)

4. Cameron's press secretary is Andy Coulson.

Coulson's previous job was as editor Rupert Murdoch's News of the World.

When Coulson was editor, "some of his subordinates were operating in a criminal manner".

(There has been some wild speculation, perhaps totally untrue, about Murdoch and Israel. "Interesting to note ... is the role played in the vast Israeli criminal network by the Australian media oligarch Rupert Murdoch, who ... reports say has used his vast media holdings in the United States and Britain to collect personal data on 'high government officials' which was then used by Dr. Arad’s ISA network to blackmail these officials... - Sorcha Faal: Russia Reports Massive $18 Trillion Theft Of US Funds By Israeli Backed Network)

There have been allegations that the News of the World worked with private investigators to access 'two or three thousand' private mobile phones belonging to celebrities and public figures

Samantha Cameron, wife of David Cameron.

David Cameron is leader of the UK Conservative Party.

His wife is Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield, who is thought to be related to Nell Gwyn, mistress of King Charles II.

(Samantha Cameron - Wikipedia / BBC NEWS Samantha Cameron /Samantha Cameron The Guardian )

Samantha is the eldest daughter of Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Baronet, a landowner and three times a descendant from King Charles II of England.


Samantha's parents split up after five years of marriage and her mother married again, to William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor, a minister in John Major's government.

Samantha is now the Viscountess Astor.

Samantha took her A levels at a private school called Marlborough College.

Samantha's sister Emily was expelled from Marlborough College in 1991 after drugs were found in her dormitory.

David Cameron reportedly has taken drugs in the past. (Cameron DID smoke cannabis Mail Online )

Samantha studied fine art at Bristol Polytechnic

During her days at university, she was friends with hip hop star "Tricky".


Samantha's ankle is adorned with a dolphin tattoo.

David and Samantha Cameron had a son Ivan in 2002. Ivan had cerebral palsy and died in February 2009.

Samantha is creative director of luxury stationers Smythson.


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Icenirising said...

Wow, why should I be surprised there's blue blood in there, I've seen reports cameron was buddies with nathan rothschild in the bullingdon club, I think.

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