Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ali was hit by the 'fascist' USA

The UK was bombing Iraqi children back in the 1920s.

Then the CIA trained Saddam and put him into power in Iraq.

Eventually, the CIA grew tired of Saddam.

Lebanese journalist Hala Jaber has written about collateral damage in the Iraqi war.

(The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles: A Woman's Fight to Save Two Orphans by Hala Jaber - Saving the orphans / Two Orphans.)

In one hospital, Hala Jabar came across 12 year old Ali.

Both his arms were missing.

Ali was the only survivor when a missile, fired by the 'fascist' Americans, crashed into his family’s farmhouse.

"Will I get my arms back?" he asks Hala Jaber.

"What about my hands?"

Ali was sent sent to Britain for treatment and education.

But Hala Jaber finds Ali back in Baghdad.

His uncle, who was prepared to care for him, had been refused a visa by the 'fascist' British officialdom.

Hala Jaber finds a weeping grandmother sitting beside a little girl wrapped in bandages.

An American missile had hit the car in which her parents and their seven children were fleeing the chaos caused by the American 'fascists'.

They were all killed except for the little girl and her baby sister.

The little girl later died in an American field hospital which lacked decent equipment.

And now the Obama regime is killing kids in Pakistan.



McGonagall said...


su said...

How blind have we become?
Can you imagine if Ali was an American kid injured on home ground.
I wish an asteroid would come and clear this planet of people - we are not beings, we are simple people.

Penny said...

I like the use of the word fascist, calling it as we see it?

Obama continues on the fine tradition of killing kids world-wide, but did anyone expect any different, I mean really?

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