Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well ordered and peaceful

Children in Iran by ajvhan

"Israel is prepared at some date in the near future to attack Iran itself, even against the wishes of the US." - Aipac's hidden persuaders

After a Disputed Election, Tehran's Streets Become a Battleground

US Media Campaign to Discredit Iranian Election

Gordon Brown Puts Israel Lobbyist in Charge of Britain’s Middle East Policy!

Gordon Brown to announce Iraq War inquiry in fightback bid

Mind-Bending Disclosures - TIME

Mary, Princess Royal and William, Prince of Orange (c. 1636) by Van Dyke

"PRINCE Harry's latest girlfriend Caroline Flack is today revealed as a wild-child party animal who once romped in a hot tub with Jack Osbourne and another girl. Gladiators TV presenter Caroline, 29, has a string of famous exes including Russell Brand." - Shocking truth about Prince Harry's new girl

"Friends claim that David Lowe, 52, who apparently committed suicide, spoke openly of how he and his wife Sarah Champier-Lowe, who works full-time at Highgrove, had been leading increasingly separate lives. Two months before his body was recovered from the Bristol Channel on May 25, he told one close confidante: 'Sarah says she wants her freedom.'... Mr Lowe was an active Freemason and member of the St George's Lodge in nearby Tewkesbury." -Why did husband of Prince's personal florist kill himself? Mystery as body is found at sea

Revealed: How the Kinnocks have enjoyed an astonishing £10m ride on the EU gravy train

BETRAYAL: Brown's closest ally Ed Balls plots to oust him

Japanese Schoolgirls by Jim Epler.

In Japan, "Most women still give up paid work at marriage...

"Each small neighbourhood is under the care of ... an elected community leader who keeps an eye on the old and ill and discourages anti-social behaviour with a quiet word here and there.

"Schoolchildren in their early teens sit quietly as they wait for trains, quite unlike the noisy and menacing gaggles you so often see in Britain.

"The same children can freely walk or bike to school through neighbourhoods safer and more settled than we can nowadays imagine...

"Amid the most efficient, well-ordered, peaceful and technically advanced civilisation on the planet, you might witness scenes which Charles Dickens would find entirely familiar."

- Welcome to rock bottom, Hitchens-San... A penetrating look at a Japan still reeling from TWO economic earthquakes

Five police staff held in cocaine dealing ring probe

Scotland's Police Need to Join the Real World

Fraud probe targets 300 detectives

Allo Allo. We find Fred the Shred in France

Scotland: Calman seemed a "completely fatuous and irrelevant exercise" that would "give with one hand and take away with the other". Devolution Revolution


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