Monday, June 22, 2009

Presumably, ex-terror chief Hayman was not one of the London tube bomb plotters.

Andy Hayman

Andy Hayman, who was Scotland Yard’s head of counter-terrorism in 2005, wants an independent public inquiry into the London tube bombings of 7 July 2005.

This would suggest that Andy Hayman was not one of the plotters.

In his book, The Terrorist Hunters, Andy Hayman says:

"Incidents of less gravity have attracted the status of a public inquiry — train crashes, a death in custody, and even other terrorist attacks. How can there not be a full, independent public inquiry into the deaths of 52 commuters on London’s transport system?

"There has been no overview, no pulling together of each strand of review, no one can be sure if key issues have been missed."

Before the bombings, alleged bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan had been photographed, followed and bugged by surveillance officers.

The following are comments from the public, which appear after The Times news story

(Call for public inquiry into 7/7 from former head of counter-terrorism)

Carriage floors blown upwards.

Military explosive residue.

The "terrorists" were supposed to have caught a train which was actually cancelled.

Mock terror drill.

Why was the bus diverted? Have a look on the net for a film called "ludicrous diversion", then make your own mind up as to what really happened.

I was on the tube as bombs went off - so I'd like a public enquiry too. There is evidence from experts stating that 7/7 bombers were assisted because Military TATP explosive residue was found and that the carriage floors were blown upwards - not down as a result of backpack bombs. I need the truth.


Israeli Connections to the London Tube Bombs.

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