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Farewell Postie

Craig Murray: In Memory of Ed Teague, Postman Patel - "One of the best and most original voices on this British blogosphere has fallen silent with the death ... of my friend Ed Teague, better known to many as the blogger Lord Patel ..."

"How about that virologist at the Australian National University? He declared the swine flu virus was man-made, the product of a lab. That story made the Melbourne Age and then sank without a trace." - flu-like symptoms... must remember... to panic...


"The meddling in Brazil began in earnest during the early 1960s under a Democratic administration."

When "Flavio Tavares Freitas, a journalist and Christian nationalist ... had wires jammed in his ears, between his teeth and into his anus, he saw that the small gray generator producing the shocks had on its side the red, white and blue shield of the USAID." - U.S. has a 45-year history of torture

Peru: 60 dead as Garcia Regime sends police to attack indigenous road blockade

Glasgow University

An extract from "Nine Ways to Stop Scotland Breaking Free"


I’ve decided to put myself in David Cameron’s shoes - assuming he wins the next election. What follows is a step-by-step battle plan, ready to roll for the newly elected Prime Minister of this morally and financially bankrupt British state:

1. Announce English votes for English laws. This should head off English demands for devolution...

2. Make ‘Respect for Scotland’ the Tory mantra north of the border. Buy off with knighthoods and peerages the Scottish elites and nationalist-leaning Scottish entrepreneurs...

3. Strict Scottish media management. Control the flow of all non-internet information. Pull the plug on award-winning Newsnight Scotland. Encourage pseudo-intellectual Scottish writers to attack the idea of Alex Salmond’s ‘arc of prosperity’ while ignoring the stunning success story of Norway, the closest match to Scotland, and the complete meltdown that is UK Inc...

4. Derail economic arguments for full Scottish independence. Avoid granting full fiscal autonomy, allowing instead the Calman Commission recommendations on Scottish government borrowing.

Then go further and announce a fair share of all taxes raised on oil revenues will now be paid directly to Scotland, proportional to its current ratio of the UK population: 8.5%... allowing the British Government to keep the rest for IMF repayments, more London infrastructure, the Olympics and the replacement of Trident.

5. Form an unholy alliance with Labour in Scotland to get access to its up-and-running electoral fraud machine...

6. Once all this is in place, announce a British-run referendum on Scottish independence to take place before the Scottish Government one, with the pretext that you want to make sure it is run fairly, being such an important issue.

7. Make the referendum question loaded, something along the lines of: ‘Should Scotland break all ties and separate from the rest of Great Britain, or remain within the United Kingdom?’ YES – break all ties; NO – remain in the United Kingdom...

8. Hold the referendum on a work day or, even better, a holiday weekend so that the aged and unemployed – those currently dependent on British government handouts – will be over-represented, and more independent professional people will be too busy to vote, or away on holiday.

9. Once the NO vote occurs – as it surely will if all these steps are taken – declare the matter of Scottish independence closed for a generation, at least until well past peak oil, when an asset-stripped Scotland can finally be cut loose.

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