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Happy, peaceful New Zealanders (

New Zealand named world's most peaceful nation - Telegraph

Air France Jet: "Brig Ramon Borges Cardoso contradicted earlier reports that debris had been found, saying 'no material from the plane has been recovered'.

"A wooden cargo pallet was taken from the sea, but the Airbus A330 had no wooden pallets on board...

"A Spanish pilot flying in the area at theIndonesia email case sparks fury time of the crash was quoted by his airline, Air Comet, as saying he had seen an 'intense flash of white light.'" - Debris 'not from Air France jet'

Over 60% French lose confidence in finding true reason for air crash

A rare glimpse of Michael Jackson's kids.

Asia Times reports (Hezbollah spices up Israel-Iran mix):

"Where Iran has Hezbollah, Israel has Jundallah...

"Hezbollah ... is favored to win parliamentary elections (in Lebanon) on June 7.

"Should the Hezbollah-led coalition win as anticipated, the result will be even closer military-to-military relations between Iran and Lebanon...

"The ethnically and religiously mixed border provinces of Iran (have been) the scene to terrorist attacks in recent weeks.

"The finger of suspicion points to the activities of Israel and its secret service, Mossad, instigating instability among Iran's ethnic populations, particularly the vulnerable and economically deprived Balochis in the province of Sistan and Balochistan bordering Pakistan, where many of the country's minority Sunnis live...

"A Shi'ite mosque was bombed on May 28 in the city of Zahedan, with 25 people killed and 125 injured...

"Jundallah (Soldiers of Allah) claimed responsibility for the mosque attack."

Hezbollah spices up Israel-Iran mix

Map from:

A film called Rendition:

"It's a couldn't-be-bettered, word-perfect example how to harness right-thinking discontent, subtly colour it with pre-established racist precepts, and dissolve it into little more than minor quibbles with the bureaucratic failures of an otherwise necessary campaign.

"And there you have Rendition. A reinforcement of all the racist, war-mongering neocon propaganda dressed up as its very opposite. You can't help but be impressed." -

"Salmond now claims the European election is a 'straight two-horse race' with Labour.

"He is very likely to win on the popular vote.

"But Salmond's hopes that the SNP might snatch three of the six seats available in Scotland appear to have been dashed by the jump in support for smaller parties." - Alex Salmond scents EU victory as Labour fears voters will stay at home.

Kenya anger as US cancels flights

Dutch far-right 'gain' in EU poll

Auschwitz survivor: “I can identify with Palestinian youth”

Profile: James Purnell

A rotten hospital and a rotten legal system?

An Indonesian mother complained about her hospital treatment in an email to friends.

She has been charged with defamation and could face a six year jail term.

Prita Mulyasari has already been found guilty and fined in a civil case.

Omni International Hospital took action after her comments about her treatment were circulated on the internet. - Indonesia email case sparks fury




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subrosa said...

New Zealand is a wonderful place. If I was younger I would be there at the double.

Of course, it was mainly Scots who were the first settlers :)

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