Friday, June 19, 2009


Reportedly, the USA is backing the Taliban within Pakistan, as a way of breaking up Pakistan.

The Sunday Times (UK), 14 June 2009, tells us that Imran Khan has warned of Pakistan’s ‘suicide’

Former cricketer Khan is the 56-year-old leader of Pakistan’s Movement for Justice party.

Among the points made by Khan:

1. In early April 2009, the Pakistan parliament passed a resolution endorsing a peace deal in Swat with the Taliban.

2. In late april 2009, Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari’s visited Washington.

The US agreed a five-year deal worth $1.5 billion (£910m) a year to Zardari's regime.

At the same time, the Pakistan military agreed to attack the Taliban in the Swat region in Pakistan.

Khan asks: "Was this operation to save the people of Swat or to get dollars from the Americans?"

3. Pakistan's military offensive against the Taliban will be suicide for Pakistan.

4. Pakistan's military operation against the Taliban has driven 2.5m people from their homes.

5. The Pakistan military has been using heavy artillery, helicopter gunships and F-16 fighter-jets in civilian areas.

6. Meanwhile all the top Taliban leadership have escaped.

7. Pakistan will never contain extremism as long as American troops remain across the border in Afghanistan.


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