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Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Brazil in December 2008.

He signed a Brazil-France agreement in the areas of defense and nuclear energy.

Brazil will build five submarines, including a nuclear one, with French technology.

France will help Brazil in the construction of six nuclear power plants in Brazil.

"Sources said an anonymous male caller phoned a downtown office of Air France in Buenos Aires, not the company's office at the airport, in the morning of May 27, and asked about the time of departure of an Air France flight. Then said 'There is a bomb on that airplane' and hung up." - For now, spies downplay French jet bomb scenario

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"I'd declare that the people in China are freer and less fearful than the people of the West." - Yeah, Yeah, Tiananmen Square

"The U.S. Treasury must sell a record net $2 trillion in new debt in 2009 to fund a $1.8 trillion projected fiscal deficit, resulting from falling tax revenues, an economic stimulus package and sundry bank bailouts.

"It's the Chinese, and any other Treasury bond buyer who follows the markets, that have pulled away, to varying degrees from buying Treasury long securities." - The Big Collapse Could Be Very Near

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"More goods are always produced than can be purchased (also called overproduction), especially when wages are constantly being driven down to boost profits.

"Credit is the temporary cure-all that seems to bridge this gap — the larger the gap grows between wages and products produced, the more debt is needed to stave off a recession, or overproduction...

" The disease lies in overproduction, which occurs naturally in an economic system that produces goods only for a market." - The Deeper Origins of the Economic Crisis

Covering Up Torture By Coercing Guilty Pleas

Revisionists challenge D-Day story

Abu Zubaydah, alleged 'Al Qaeda' mastermind, is a CIA veteran


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