Monday, June 15, 2009

A Necessary Stepping Stone

John Simpson, who works for the BBC, and possibly for MI6, has been reporting from Iran. (aangirfan: BBC links to MI6? )

From The Washington Post, Monday, Jun 15, 2009:

"Our nationwide public opinion survey of Iranians three weeks before the vote showed Ahmadinejad leading by a more than 2 to 1 margin - greater than his actual apparent margin of victory in Friday's election...

"The only demographic groups in which our survey found Mousavi leading or competitive with Ahmadinejad were university students and graduates, and the highest-income Iranians." - The Iranian People Speak

"The attempt to discredit the elections and cause instability in Iran look very much like a scheme we've seen before - directly out of the CIA playbook." -Iran: Some Dots You May Want To Connect

"What do Michael Ledeen (the American 'neo-conservative'), Mir-Hossein Mousavi (the Iranian presidential candidate of 'change') and Adnan Khashoggi (the opulent Saudi Arabian jet-setter) have in common?

"They are all good friends and associates of Manuchehr Ghorbanifar (an Iranian arms merchant, an alleged MOSSAD double agent, and a key figure in the Iran/Contra Affair, the arms-for-hostages deals between Iran and the Reagan administration)." - Mousavi's Iran-Contra Connection?

Power struggles in Iran:

"An early coup d'├ętat that took place in the life of the Islamic Republic occurred in June 1981 with the 'impeachment' of Banisadr, the first post-revolution president, by the parliament at Khomeini's instigation; Banisadr went underground and eventually escaped from Iran, and currently lives in France.

"Later, in April 1982 there was a coup against Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, a close aid to Khomeini during his exile in France, and a foreign minister; he was accused of plotting to kill Khomeini and summarily executed.

"There was also a famous coup against Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, one-time designated successor to Grand Ayatollah Khomeini for the position of Supreme Leader." - The Aftermath of Iran 2009 Elections

Karenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009

"It's been hard for me to speak Indonesian, because I use English every day," she was quoted by the Jakarta Post newspaper as saying. "But I will learn." - Miss Indonesia's first plan is to learn Indonesian

In 1965 and 1966, the Canadian Jewish Congress helped organize the fledgling Canadian Nazi Party. - Canadian Jewish Congress Organized Nazi Party

Will Jewish John Bercow become the next Speaker of the UK House of Commons?

Jewish control of the UK government:

"It is said that becoming a Friend of Israel is a necessary stepping-stone to high office. As a result, supporters of that foreign power are embedded at all levels in the fabric of British political life and at the heart of the government.

"Eighteen months ago a group of concerned academics wrote to the Standards Committee complaining about Israel’s 'deep penetration' of our political system and how it prevented Britain from taking a principled stand on Middle East affairs, including the Iraq war and the never-ending violations of Palestinian human rights.

"They asked the committee to consider the activities of the Friends of Israel as a matter for urgent investigation. The chairman, Sir Christopher Kelly, refused." - Corruption runs far deeper than fiddling MPs’ expenses


Journalist Jeremy Scahill's analysis of Barack Obama.


Well ordered and peaceful

Operation Midnight Climax


Dr. Crippen and evidence planted by the police?





subrosa said...

I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong but aren't Jews the most dominant religion in the US political scene?

nobody said...

And the media, and the law.

Otherwise that Simpson cove is so obvious isn't he? It's funny to pop in here and see his pic. Just last night I saw his bullshit report from Iran, and declared him on the payroll. Frankly I doubt he has any real journalistic ability at all. If someone didn't hand him a script he'd be lost for words. What's the money he's an alcoholic?

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