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The original Michael Jackson.

In 1999, Michael Jackson made an appearance at the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple, in the UK.

He was accompanied by ten bodyguards, he sang four numbers, and he departed in a stretch limo.

A statement from Jackson's record company made it clear that the Michael Jackson in Barnstable was not the real Michael Jackson.

(The square chin. The deep voice. But was it really Michael Jackson ...)

This is Michael Jackson's father. Like father, like son.

Some people believe that the real Michael Jackson disappeared many years ago.

"Listen to the tracks on albums after 'Thriller'...listen closely to the's not him.

"The new guy did an effective enough job in the videos, and in the ever-increasingly rare public appearances...

"but I think eventually those few in the know came to see that their paid impostor was growing increasingly crazy - and in that they saw a new marketing tack to exploit." - (Michael Jackson Died in 1984 - Rafielz - Open Salon)

A fake General Montgomery?

The real General Montgomery?

In 1944, just before D-Day, M.E. Clifton James, who looked like Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, was sent to Gibraltar and North Africa, in order to deceive the Germans about the location of the coming invasion.

This story was the subject of a book and film, "I Was Monty's Double".

The Reagan White House was linked to boy prostitution.

Strange things happened in Michael Jackson's life.

Michael was born in 1958.

Allegedly, he was sexually abused by people linked to the CIA. (MICHAEL JACKSON AND THE CIA / MICHAEL JACKSON WAS RAPED?)

In 1978, Michael Jackson starred as Scarecrow in the musical film The Wiz. (Wizard of Oz)[20]

In CIA brianwashing, much use is made of imagery from the Wizard of Oz which has much occult symbolism. (Mk Ultra )

Was 1978 the end of the real Michael Jackson?

In 1979, Jackson reportedly broke his nose during a dance routine.

His rhinoplasty surgery was 'not a complete success'; he reportedly complained of breathing difficulties. He was referred to Dr. Steven Hoefflin, who performed subsequent operations.[22]

In 1982 came 'Thriller'.

Was a new Jackson manufactured by the CIA? Was the new Jackson to spread the corrupt ideas that would advance the CIA's agenda?

Does the new Michael Jackson look like the old Michael Jackson?

A fake?
A fake?

The BBC’s Panorama programme told us that Saddam Hussein, a CIA asset, had many doubles.

The security services like to use doubles.

Various Saddams
Saddam without a mole.

Mohamed Atta, reportedly a CIA asset, seems to have had a double.

Atta was seen on a Jack Abramoff casino ship. (The Secret World of Jack Abramoff / Filmmaker Hopsicker Discusses Odd Activities Of 911 'Ringleader ... )

Atta had Mossad living next door to him.

Atta spoke Hebrew but could not speak German to his flight instructor.


Michael Jackson and CIA Mind Control


Mark said...

As your blog points out, most or all rich and famous do take advantage of their doubles. It is been known that Hitler himself used a double. There is obviously nothing wrong with it as long as the original has control over their doubles. It only becomes a problem when their doubles creates problem for the original. Being rich and famous like Michael Jackson, you can't help it but make use of their doubles. Especially when you are Michael Jackson you'd better have doubles to back you up when in need of diversion. In fact, even at Michael Jackson funeral, I heard they had to use a duplicate coffin to sneek the original Michael Jackson coffin out of Staple stadium in fear of mobbing and curious fans.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks we're nuts really doesn't understand the world we live in! The MJ that showed up in England to talk about the This Is It Tour was spotted by MANY people in the audience as a fake. They said his hands,teeth, gait and voice were all wrong.I think the real MJ has been gone since that freak accident during the filming of a Pepsi commercial circa 1984.

P2P said...

one of hitler's doubles was killed in f-land while he was attending mannerheim's 75th b-day, in 1942, shot onto the airfield by soviet spooks.

if there's no info on this in english, I can translate the account from finnish.

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