Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'Loathed' Jew must be sacked as speaker of UK's discredited House of Commons.


The new speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, must be sacked.

The new Speaker failed to pay capital gains tax on the sale of a second home in 2003.

The Daily Telegraph disclosed that he had “flipped” the designation of his second home between London and his constituency when he sold two houses in the space of a year. (John Bercow's expenses)

Quentin Letts wrote of Bercow (QUENTIN LETTS: God help us.):

"That lurid figure Harvey Proctor, the Tory MP for Billericay who resigned in 1987 after admitting to cavorting with male prostitutes, ... encouraged young Bercow to join the Immigration and Repatriation committee of the far-Right Monday Club."

Bercow joined.

Bercow became leader of a group that reportedly brandished ‘hang Nelson Mandela’ slogans. (A mystery solved)

According to a Mail on Sunday editorial :

"The choice of Mr Bercow would be worse than folly.

It would be an affront to the electorate and an abuse of MPs' remaining power"

On 22 June 2009, Bercow was chosen as Speaker.

One MP said, in despair: “How is it that we are going to end up with an eccentric little troll?”

Bercow was chosen because he is a Jew.

"Friends of Israel" control Britain.

Every Labour MP who voted for Bercow must be booted out of Parliament at the next election.

"Ber-Cow is a bumptious, condescending, patronising man," writes Ann Treneman in her Parliamentary Sketch in The Times. (If John Bercow is the answer, remind me: what was the question?)


"Bercow... he has been the most consistent and active supporter of human rights for Uzbekistan in the House of Commons." - Craig Murray - Bercow Exposes Cameron's Hypocrisy

How Bercow has voted:

98% Iraq 2003 - For the invasion

100% Trident replacement - In favour

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