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Dr. Crippen and evidence planted by the police?


According to the official story, Dr Crippen murdered Cora, his wife.

At the London trial, in 1910, it was claimed that American born Hawley Crippen poisoned his unfaithful wife, dissected her body and buried the remains in the cellar of their north London home.

Police allegedly found a corpse with no head, bones or genitals.

It has been alleged that police, under Chief Inspector Dew, planted the body parts at the scene to incriminate Crippen falsely.

(Hawley Harvey Crippen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / Dr. Crippen, guilty or framed by the police? )

Chief Inspector Dew was involved with the Jack the Ripper case.

Crippen was hanged.

On 7 June 2009, we learnt that Dr Crippen could win a posthumous pardon

Cora disappeared from her London home after a party.

A body was allegedly discovered under the brick floor of the basement.

When he was arrested, Crippen was attempting to leave the country with his mistress.

DNA evidence now suggests that the body discovered in the basement was that of a man.

In October 2007, Michigan State University forensic scientist David Foran claimed that mitochondrial DNA evidence conclusively showed that the remains found beneath the cellar floor in Crippen's home were not that of Cora Crippen. (Doctor Crippen may have been innocent". The Times. 17 October 2007.)

Dr Crippen had always claimed that his wife had returned to the USA.

Patrick Crippen, a relative, said: "It is time to clear the family name. A lot of Crippens in the US are embarrassed to talk about Hawley."

The novelist Raymond Chandler commented that it seemed unbelievable that Crippen would successfully dispose of his wife's limbs and head, and then, rather stupidly, bury her torso under the cellar floor of his home.

Mrs Crippen was a music hall singer. (Hawley Harvey Crippen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A U.S. Census entry, from 1920, lists a woman living with a relative in Brooklyn, New York, under one of Mrs Crippen's stage names.


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subrosa said...

This was a setup Aangrifan. I studied the case (as part of a course in early 1900s crime) when I was young and everything pointed to a fix by police. There was no definitive reason why they should behave so but one piece of gossip which continued to rear it's head was Crippen's 'new' girlfriend was a long term mistress of a very senior police officer.

Interesting to hear it's back on the cards and with today's technology perhaps we'll find out more. This is just one of the cases the police don't wish to be resurrected and do everything they can to obstruct information.

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