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Does the CIA take an interest in music?


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Does the CIA take an interest in music?

David McGowan points out that, within the music and film industries, a surprisingly large number of the stars, managers and producers have military and/or military intelligence connections. (How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry)

"Many are also involved in organized crime, drug dealing, murder, prostitution, child pornography, snuff movies and black magic.

"Here are a few examples of musicians from the hippie era, who have family ties to people within the U.S. Military:

"Jim Morrison ... Frank Zappa ... Papa John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas ... Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young) ...

"David Crosby of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young) ... Jackson Browne ... Jimi Hendrix ... Joni Mitchell ... Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's Manager ...

"It's within the Military complex and the Intelligence Agencies that mind control takes place, and many of those rock stars are either under mind control or just greedy, willing to follow any agenda to get an abundance of money, sex and drugs.

"We also see that behind it all lurk the secret societies with their occult knowledge.

"The guru for many rock stars is Aleister Crowley, a magician who spent his life in and out of asylums due to the rituals he practiced and all the drugs he took.

"Also, people close to him had a strange tendency to die before their time..." - How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry


In The Covert War Against Rock, Alex Constantine suggests that the "CIA and Organized Crime have, for over thirty years, engaged in a program to silence popular musicians whose influence subverts the cynical thought control tactics of American government and media."

"Beach Boy Dennis Wilson claimed in a
San Francisco Chronicle article that he and Manson co-founded the Family, and the Hell's Angels have attempted to kill the Rolling Stones at least twice...

"Brian Jones - original lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones, who were relentlessly surveilled by British and American authorities - drowned in a swimming pool in 1969.

"Numerous friends and confidants of
Jimi Hendrix feel the virtuosic guitar-player was snuffed.

"There are also lots of contradictions and unanswered questions regarding the deaths of Jim Morrison ... and
John Lennon"

- disinformation the covert war against rock

Photo of Michael Jackson and a military uniform by El_Enigma

And what about Michael Jackson?

Jackson's dad 'suspects foul play'

Joe Jackson told ABC7: "Michael was dead before he left the house.

"I'm suspecting foul play somewhere.

"He was waving to everybody and telling them he loves them and all the fans at the gate. A few minutes after Michael was out there, he was dead."

The lawyer representing Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, said: "Dr Murray has never prescribed nor administered Demerol to Michael Jackson. Not ever. Not that day. Not OxyContin (either) for that matter." - Jackson's dad 'suspects foul play'


Who was buying drugs for Jacko? Minder at centre of probe as police find prescriptions in different names

Michael Jackson's mother gets custody of three children as mystery deepens over will

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angry cheese said...

Here's an interesting book on rock stars and their connections, also available online www.jfkmontreal.com/john_lennon/contents.htm
Note the section on Internet surveillance.

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