Saturday, June 20, 2009


It is being suggested that Air France 447 crashed because its tail fell off.

(Air France 447 Crash Theory Now Focused On Tail Snapping Off (Again)

Ground the Airbus?)

It will be Boeing that will benefit if the public begin to think that Airbus planes are highly dangerous.

Boeing and Airbus are deadly rivals.

"Two years ago, Airbus overtook Boeing to become the world's best-selling aircraft maker, and with the A380 it has stolen yet another march on its rival, pipping it to the top spot in the large aircraft long-haul market." - Airbus v Boeing: The next battle

In 2005, Joe Vialls wrote (Did America Sabotage Airbus Flight 961?):

"When part of the rudder on Air Transat Flight 961 apparently 'fell off' the aircraft 30 minutes north of Cuba, the captain requested an emergency landing at the nearest suitable airport, which was Fort Lauderdale International.

"Then inexplicably and in violation of international aviation treaties and law, America refused, forcing the crippled Canadian jet to return to Cuba...

"It is more than a little convenient for Boeing that the crash of American Airlines 587 in New York, and the near-crashes of Transat 236 and 961 in Cuba and the Azores, all permitted the media to hysterically point the finger at advanced carbon fiber composites used by Airbus but not by Boeing..."

In 2006, the AFP news agency reported on information from Airbus about 3 cables found cut on one of the A380's being assembled in the Jean-Luc-Lagardère plant at Toulouse-Blagnac. ("sabotage" On A380 Production Line? — Civil Aviation Forum.)

Three days after Air France 447 was destroyed, another plane in the Air france fleet was found to have been sabotaged.

Technicians found wires on the Airbus A318 had been sliced with a cutter, according to reports.

18 days on and investigators still no closer to cause of Air France crash as another jet is target of sabotage


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