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Photo from: www.missingpersons-ireland.

Thomas Wall, an orphan from Limerick in Ireland, was aged three when he was sent by the criminal courts to a Christian Brothers run reform school.

He says: "From eight years of age I was sexually abused by a Christian brother at Glin."

The BBC, on 20 May 2009, tells us about Child abuse victims in Ireland who are now seeking justice

BBC correspondent Shane Harrison has spoken to three people abused at schools run by the Catholic Church in the Republic of Ireland.

Thomas Wall says: "If they took a liking to a person then you became a danger, then you became a target. And there was no way of avoiding it... I mean they had access to you 24 hours a day...

"I will carry a scar on my forehead which I got from a Brother in the classroom. Got my head banged off the desk.

"It spouted blood and I went to the infirmary block, met the Superior, who was also a brother who was over the institution.

"I was questioned about what had happened to upset the Brother to this standard and I told him that I had done absolutely nothing and he did absolutely nothing about it."

Joseph's religious order Tralee , "a catalogue of cruelty and some say , even murder." ( http://www.missingpersons-ireland./)

Tom Hayes, another Limerick orphan, says: "It was common during the night to be woken by individuals interfering with you sexually...

"When you informed the Christian Brothers yourself you were beaten up as a result of it and threatened by the very people, such as the monitors and such people, who perpetrated these acts."

Sadie O'Meara, a Tipperary girl, says she never found out why she ended up in an institution run by the Sisters of Charity.

She says: "You'd be up at 6am and you had to go to two Masses.

"Your cell door was locked every night when you went in and you had a bucket and an iron bed and you couldn't look out the window. It was all bars.

"The food was absolutely brutal. And my mam died but they never told me she died. She died on Christmas Day but they never told me.

"I didn't know that until they let me out four years later. That's something that really upsets me."

Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools

Abuse of Children in Irish Institutions Was 'Endemic'

Alof de Wignacourt, a Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, with a young friend.

The Knights of Malta are important.

They are a Catholic order.

Reportedly they are linked to freemasonry (Cached/Knights of Malta and 911).

Reportedly, the following have been members of the Knights of Malta or have been awarded high honours by the Knights of Malta:

David Rockefeller
Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi)
Heinrich Himmler
Franz von Papen (Hitler enabler)
Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier)

George W. Bush
George Tenet (CIA chief at the time of 9 11)
Henry Kissinger
Michael Chertoff

Cardinal Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican in 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle.

Rupert Murdoch
Tony Blair
Precott Bush, Jr.
Licio Gelli
J. Edgar Hoover
Joseph Kennedy

Spanish bishops giving fascist salute.

Ronald E. Reagan
Giscard d’Estaing
Allen Dulles
Oliver North
George H.W Bush
William Casey

William Casey, Director of the CIA 1981-87. Hours before he was due to testify before Congress about Iran-Contra, he was rushed off to hospital and soon died.

Motherjones, in 1983, had an article entitled 'Their Will Be Done'

This article told us about the CIA and the Vatican.

A lot of important people have been Knights of Malta, members the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM)

Gehlen worked for Hitler and then the CIA.

In 1948, the Knights of Malta gave one of its highest awards to General Reinhard Gehlen, Adolf Hitler's chief anti-Soviet spy.

Gehlen's Nazi spy network joined up with the CIA after World War II.

The Knights of Malta gave an award to James Jesus Angleton of the CIA.

According to State Department documents, Angleton decided to give money to an organisation called Catholic Action and use it to help the right-wing win elections in Italy.

The USA has its Knights of Malta, some of whom have used their influence to promote right-wing causes in South America.

Cardinal Spellman, also known as Franny, was reportedly gay and a friend of the CIA. (Cardinal Spellman)

During the 1950s and the early 1960s, the main link between the U.S. and the Vatican was Cardinal Spellman, a supporter of U. S. military involvement in Vietnam.

John XXIII 1958-63, a friend of Liberation Theology

In the early 1960s, Pope John XXIII began to liberalize the church and talk to the communists.

In 1963, John McCone, who was director of the CIA and a Knight of Malta, took an interest in what was happening.

John XXIII died in 1963.

Pope Paul VI, 1963-78

The CIA apparently knew in advance that Giovanni Cardinal Montini of Milan would become Pope Paul VI.

During World War II, Montini had passed information to the OSS, which became the CIA.

However, Pope Paul VI appointed 'socially conscious' bishops and opposed South American military dictatorships. This may have been calculated to stop the spread of support for people like Cuba's Castro.

Paul VI died in 1978.

John Paul I 1978

In 1977, the CIA had its eye on the Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Krakow, an anti-communist figure. Cardinal Cooke, a Knight of Malta, met Wojtyla for a long chat in 1977.

John Paul I became Pope but died after a month in office. There was a strong belief that he had been murdered.

In October 1978, the CIA's friend Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II.

John Paul II, right-wing Polish Pope, 1978-2005

In Argentina, in the 1970s, while Paul VI was Pope, Father Patrick Rice was subjected to water torture by agents of the Argentinian government.

During a period of 15 years, 1,500 priests, nuns and bishops were murdered, imprisoned, tortured or expelled from Latin America.

According to father Rice, "Any Christian who defends the poor can expect to be persecuted and mistreated by the security police."

In 1968 a meeting of South American bishops had called upon the church to defend the rights of the oppressed and the poor.

Some priests opposed the U.S.-backed fascist regimes.

In 1980, in El Salvador, Bishop Oscar Romero was assassinated by a fascist group headed by major Roberto D'Aubuisson, who has been linked to the CIA. John Paul II, from Poland, was pope at the time.

Maura Clarke, Ita Ford and Dorothy Kazel were American Nuns murdered by fascists in El Salvador in 1980. John Paul II, from Poland, was pope at the time.

The CIA campaigned against the priests who supported the poor and campaigned in favour of the priests who supported the fascists.

Penny Lernoux, in her book 'Cry of the People', relates how the CIA used right-wing Catholic organizations in Latin America to attack reformers.

The CIA trained and financed the fascists.

In 1975, the Bolivian Interior Ministry, closely linked to the CIA, set up the "Banzer Plan, which was adopted by ten Latin American governments. This plan aimed to destabilize and defeat priests who supported the poor.

The Catholic Church's Opus Dei attacked those who supported the poor.

John Roche, a professor at Oxford University in England, broke his oath of secrecy after leaving the Opus Dei. Roche described Opus Dei as "totalitarian" and "fascist".

In the latter days of the fascist Franco regime, ten out of 19 cabinet officers belonged to or were closely allied with Opus Dei.

American Knights of Malta such as William Simon (Citicorp) and Francis X. Stankard (Chase Manhattan Bank) have spoken at Opus Dei meetings.

Opus Dei HQ in the USA Opus Dei-HQ.

In Chile, Opus Dei sought support from Chilean bishops for the overthrow of President Salvador Allende. In Chile, Opus Dei worked closely with CIA-funded groups which later merged with the Chilean secret police.

Opus Dei helped install John Paul II, the man from Poland.

John Paul II made Opus Dei a "personal prelature."

John Paul II made Alfonso Lopez Trujillo a cardinal.

Lopez Trujillo was a Colombian sympathizer with Opus Dei and an opponent of liberation theology.

One of Lopez Trujillo's closest aides was Roger Vekemans, a Belgian priest. Vekemans received around $5 million from the CIA in the 1960s, and this was given to right-wing organizations in Chile.

The CIA's Vernon Walters

In 1982, President Reagan sent General Vernon Walters, a Catholic and a former deputy director of the CIA, to meet withthe Polish pope, John Paul II.

Walters was involved in the CIA coups in Iran, 1953, Brazil, 1964, and Chile, 1973. (CIA Meddling in Latin America - 1954 to 2002)

Walters played an important role in organizing the CIA-backed Nicaraguan exile groups based in Honduras who were seeking to overthrow the Sandinista government.

Soon after Walters had visited John Paul II, the pope demanded that five priests in the Nicaraguan government resign from office.

In 1983, John Paul II visited Nicaragua and appeared to condemn the Sandanistas, thus appearing to support the fascists.

Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger) was a member of the Hitler Youth movement and did wartime service with a German army anti-aircraft unit.

Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic.

Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI since 2005, giving a salute.



McGonagall said...


You should be making documentary videos Aangirfan. This is electrifying stuff.

nobody said...

Yeah, what he said. Either way that got saved to the hard-drive. Thanks very much.

Crayden said...

Very interesting, I live in Poland, Being a none believer I am one of the few here.

People in Poland criticise the Catholic church a lot but still regard themselves as Catholics.

Keep up the good work.

More info on my site

Turcopilier said...

all very amusing except that none of these below were ever knights of Malta - David Rockefeller
Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi)
Heinrich Himmler
Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier)
George W. Bush
George Tenet (CIA chief at the time of 9 11)
Henry Kissinger
Michael Chertoff
Rupert Murdoch
Tony Blair
Precott Bush, Jr.
Licio Gelli
J. Edgar Hoover
Joseph Kennedy
Ronald E. Reagan
Allen Dulles
Oliver North
George H.W Bush

Gehlen, after the end of WWII, and Reagan shortly before he left the presidency, received the cross of merit, an award of the Order but which did not make them members. Giscard, as president of France, was made a member but has never participated in any aspect of the Order's affairs - at that time it was considered the appropriate award, but any successor as president would only received the cross of merit. Casey was a simple knight of the Order, one of 2000 north americans at the time to be members, but never held any office in the Order.

The Order of Malta is a world wide humanitarian organisation which maintains hospitals, clinics and other medical services around the world. Itsmembers must be practicing Catholics in good standing - something which could not be said of most of the people on this list.
Hitler renounced Christianity for an atheistic paganism, as did Hitler; the latter was committed to the destruction of the Church which is why he closed all Catholic religious houses and all Catholic schools.
If your comments are to have any worth, they might at least be accurate and not tell outright lies.

Turcopilier said...

And, to follow up, the Order of Malta is not "a Vatican Order".It is a Catholic Order but elects its own grand master. Furthermore it is most certainly not linked to freemasonry - the Catholic Church has strongly and repeatedly condemned freemasonry and any knight of Malta found to be a freemason would be asked to resign.

Anon said...

Dear Turcopilier,

Many thanks for your comments.

I have adjusted the text.


Anonymous said...

Read David Yallop's, 'In God's Name' for the background to the murder of Pope Paul in '78 - muredered exactly after 33 days in office. Roberto Calvi and his connection to Banco Ambrosiano and his subsequent ritualistic murder is also routed in the Freemasonic ridden Vatican.

nobody said...

It would have been nice of Turcopilier to state the knights of Malta's position on liberation theology and the poor generally. And does the fact that Hitler wasn't a buddy mean they're not fascistic? Given the ilk of people on the receiving end of their awards somehow I suspect that they might be. Otherwise it was nice of a KoM supporter to pop in and tell us that they're not villains. He'd tell us if they were wouldn't he?

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