Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time for Independence.

In the 1990s, over half of Indonesia's wealth ended up in the capital, Jakarta. Just think how Sumatra might have benefited if it had kept its vast oil wealth. Just think how Scotland will benefit if it obtains independence.

"Kick the chessboard" ... triggering a planetary war - Global Crisis: How Much Time do We Have?

Can Wolfram Alpha take on Google?

Obama's Man in Afghanistan Top Assassin?

Prehistoric female figure 'earliest piece of pornography uncovered'

Why the English are so stupid? The number of five to seven-year-olds being taught in 'unlawfully large classes' of 30 children or more has more than doubled in two years. - England infant class size rises

IT Firm Back in Scottish Hands

Tamiflu Developer: Swine Flu May Have Been Released From A Lab

Man admits Jersey care home abuse / Man admits sex abuse at Jersey children's home

The Jersey cover up of child abuse propaganda machine - Lcorby's Blog



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