Sunday, May 10, 2009

Same Giant Cage

Sea Lion Pup by refractor

In a zoo, it would be dangerous to put all of the animals in the same giant cage.

In the education system it is best to separate the lions from the lambs.

But IQ tests usually don't work as a way of measuring who will make good engineers or good scientists.

The Financial Times has an article on the faults of the UK education system (Dispatch from Buckinghamshire).

"We didn’t have any British engineers from that generation because children who operated in a non-verbal way weren’t selected."

Here's a question from a test, used at age 10-11, to select the 'bright' kids:

In the following sentence, a word of four letters is hidden at the end of one word and the beginning of the next word. Find the pair of words that contains the hidden word.

They saw that all the cake was gone.

I could not do that one, and I have quafilications from several universities (aromatherapy included).

"The Buckinghamshire questions look to me designed to highlight future Scrabble and crossword champions."

Dispatch from Buckinghamshire


US Debt

What is going to happen in the stock markets?

According to John Authers in the Financial Times (Spectre of rising bond yields looms over rally ):

"Crude oil up 80 per cent from its low in December...

"What are the arguments that we are not ready for a bull market?

"First, someone will have to pay for the stimulus that has been administered...

"Second, companies still have to raise a lot of capital...

"Third... stocks did not get anything like as cheap at the bottom in March as they did at the bottom of the bear markets of the last century.

"Finally... The developed world is ageing...

"Once bond yields go above a certain level ... it becomes difficult to justify buying stocks. They could reach this level when the Treasury bond market finally chokes on the huge new issuance governments are trying to push down its throat to fund the deficit."

Spectre of rising bond yields looms over rally

Pakistan Minhajian

Thoughts On The War Between The USA And Pakistan

Indian RAW funded Swat terrorists:$650 million to destabilize Pakistan

Commons boss who called in police has four homes in three countries, including grace and favour mansion

MPs` expenses: Ten extraordinary claims

G20 police 'incited crowds'

Do not be fooled by green shoots


McGonagall said...

"They saw that all the cake was gone."

So what's the answer then?

Adam O'Connell said...

nobody said...

Ha! Believe it or not I was in the UK when the 11 plus was going and wangled precisely one whole term at a la-di-dah grammar school. Sure enough I can't do maths to save my life but I kick crossword arse.

Um, no chance of a crossword led recovery is there?

Otherwise the answer to the question was 'flatus'.

And other-otherwise, I do like you when you're desultory, Aangirfan. Break up the rhythm etc. etc. Very good.

Rebeca said...

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